Crazy but fun

I admit to being a bit perverted, I get a kick out of the dancing girls here in our State, and have fantasies about my 32 year old wife getting up there but she never has.
I also watch a lot of porn videos, the blatant sex act types don't do it for me but when some woman, preferably a wife shows off, that is hot. Most are just fake, or professionals which are boring.
My wife knows I watch, of course she does, and sometimes she will wear revealing clothes but nothing blatant.
Last month I found some videos of a Japanese woman that showed herself off nude at those public baths while her husband filmed the antics. I showed them to my wife, she laughed, but did say "maybe" when I told her I would love for her to do something like that.
A few weeks ago I spotted an ad at a local spa that offers coed bathing on certain days in their hot tubs, they do massages and things like that also. I managed to talk the wife into going.
I can't name the place but it's here in Portland, the only one that has the coed bath.
In the hot tub area, there was two guys, both in their late 40's, one was heavy set, the other in shape, and clearly they were there for the view rather than good health.
My wife was a bit shy at first, but seemed to relax, then she gave me a wicked look, slid out of the water on the edge of the pool and just sat there. The guys were pretending not to look but obviously were, then she began to slowly spread her legs until it was clearly deliberate. They both moved over to in front of her, but kept glancing back at me. She sat there for a solid 10 minutes, letting them look before a young couple came in, so she slid back into the water. I had to get in the water also to cover up my erection.
I have asked her to go back for a repeat, so far she just says "Maybe."

1.1 years ago

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    • I was very happy that I was dating my wife and I loved when she dressed in revealing clothing such as short skirts and halter tops or button shirts with no bra and the buttons open down to her naval. I asked her if she would go to a nude beach with me and she said that she would. I had a difficult time hiding my erection when guys would walk up close to us and slow down and look at my girlfriend. Two guys laid down on blankets in front of us and they were looking at her. I asked her to open her legs and give them a view of her bare cunt. As soon as she did, I knew that I wanted to marry her. We have been married 46 years and I still think of the many guys that saw all of her on the nude beach.

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