Should of listen to my mate

I’m 55 single and can honestly say I’ve only slept with 4 different women in my life.
My friend on the other hand is the same age and has slept with so so many women.
My mate is not as fussy as me when it comes to females, he will fuck any woman.
From the beginning of our friendship he is always having sex with a woman, some how he chats them up next he’s in bed with them.
Our first mates holiday, both 27 I’m trying it on with lovely sexy looking girls, he’s chatting up two 52 year old women, I go home on my own, he spends the night having a 3some with the two old girls!
Eventually our lives went in different direction at the age of about 34 / 35
Recently I’ve looked him up and made contact again, he’s no different, he’s still single and fucking so many women.
Spoke on the phone for over two hours and the amount of women he had fucked, I’m amazed he’s still alive to be honest!
Wish I had listened to him now, might not have been writing this today.

3 months ago

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    • Don't wish you listened to him! He has no class and he can't control himself!
      It sounds to me that you choose who to be with and that is a good trait to have. I would be more surprised if he doesn't have an STI or STD or had one. It also sounds you have more respect for women and that will help you find a mate for life. He will probably die alone with nobody! You do your thing and let him do his!

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