Worst thing that can possibly happen

I’m honestly crying in embarrassment and shame rn. So I’m a guy and my ex was really dominant and pretty much was the guy in the relationship (we’re both 17). I’ll admit I cheated on her, and she found out. I found out she is crazy. She came to my house with 3 other girls and battered me and pinned me down etc, until it got to this point. They had tied me down on my little sisters bed. I was naked, they made me wear her panties and they gagged my mouth with her bra. And that’s how they left me, and I had to wait an hour until inevetibaly my 14 year old sister came through the door to see me naked in her panties. It was the reaction you would think it was. She screamed, she started crying, when she took her bra out of my mouth I tried to say things but she kept slapping me and calling me disgusting. She finally untied me and punched as many times and as hard as she could. She kicked me out, in a ball of tears. It has been 20 minutes since then, I’ve cried my eyes out, I’m hesitating so much the first thing I’ve come to is here, I can only say this to this website. My image is ruined, the girls recorded me getting beat up and tied up, my 14 year old little sister has now been scarred for life as have I and will never look at me the same again. I’m so fucked

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  • You are lucky she didn't remove your genitals.

  • I'm really sorry that happened just make sure to try to tell your sister what happened and how you feel, I hope she will under stand - Another 14 year old girl.

  • It's not that bad man--get a grip. I think most of us have been through worse. Just don't cheat again.

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