Still bothers me to this day

7 years ago I started a new job, I became really good friends with the secretary, she was single with a young daughter.
We spent many lunch time breaks together, we told each other lots of stories about our lives, we also met up for coffee outside of work, went to the park with her daughter, we were really starting to connect together.
That all changed when we had an office party at the local pub, most of the office are young, drinking lots and very drunk, it was no secret her and I liked each other.
We both left about 10pm, we said goodbye to each other in the car park and just before I drove off she said, I forgot my jacket, just going to pop back and get it I will see you tomorrow.
The next day only half the staff are showing up on time, by the end of the morning we are nearly at full staff.
My friend had not shown at all, one of the admin team said she called in saying she is feeling unwell.
By mid afternoon lots of stories are being told about last night, I wasn’t paying attention until I heard the name Jilly I started asking about Jilly is she ok, one young man said Jilly is ok for sure, nothing wrong with her, what do you mean I said, the young boy said I’m not saying nothing.
Turns out to be the most upsetting day of my life.
When Jilly went back to collect her jacket she stayed for another drink and not just one I’m told, she got drunk and one of the guys who drives a camper van took her home with 4 others.
I now know Jilly willingly had sex with 5 men from work.
I never showed for work again and have never spoken to Jilly since that day.

4 months ago

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    • I feel yah

    • Bro my fiancé at the time Angie worked for the same company but at different locations, after one Christmas party she too was going back in for her coat, so I drove home. We wasn’t supposed to move in together for another month. It wasn’t until a new guy at my job told me about the girl he had at the party. Turns out it was Angie, he told me the guys have had her before, and most of the men at her site. I broke it off with her, and quit after I found another job

    • Sorry bro, did she try to reach out to you or what happened after??

    • So you just quit your job?

    • No she saw him staring at her daughter and she quit!

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