Blackmailing my wife

I’ve been considering blackmailing my wife with her nude photos and videos. Some are very dirty and I’m sure she would do just about anything to make sure they don’t get out. My plan would be to email her on 03/31/2021 and give her a login for a social media app. I would tell I will reach out to her on 04/01/2021. If things go south fast, like she starts taking about cops, I would play it off as a “April fools prank”. If I can get her to send me more compromising pictures I will humiliate her and force her to do some filthy things. I would use her for a few months before letting her go for a while. I’m a very manipulative person and she’s not the smartest person I’ve ever met. The initial email would look something like this:

“Wife’s name”,

Your husband’s cloud account has been compromised. I have possession of contacts, messages, email addresses, and home addresses from this account. Pictures and videos have also been collected. Some are of family and friends. Some are much more sensitive. This information has not been shared with anyone.

You will not receive another email. You will download “app” from the app store. Your username is Sobad69. Your password is iLike2pose. You will receive a message from me on 04/01/2021 at 10:30am. If you do not receive a message at 10:30am the next time to expect me is at 11:45am. You will be alone. You will have two minutes to respond to my message. You will not get a second chance. Failing to respond will have a lifetime of consequences.

Delete this email after memorizing your “app” login. Do not speak to anyone about this. Not your friends, not your family, and not your husband. Friends and family can do nothing to help. There is no good advise. If you tell them you word will spread even if I keep your secret. If you don’t respond on 04/01/2021 there will be no secrets anyway. If you keep this to yourself they will never know. Your husband can do nothing to help you. Do you really want to ask him for permission to speak with me? What if he said not to speak with me? Would he be affected by the consequences the same way as you? He will only give you bad advice and may end up resenting you. When I’m long gone this will not be something that can be buried in the past if he knows. It will come between you and him. It will ruin your marriage. It always does.


4 months ago

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    • Without knowing you in person, I can easily tell that you’re an idiot

    • So you went from blackmailing you sister to blackmailing your wife. Hackers all ready send out emails saying they caught you nude on you camera or at a website! She probably will just delete it and think nothing about it.

    • Not if I include a pic of her naked, legs spread, and a 10” dong stuffed in her. She wouldn’t ignore that.

    • Then she will know it's you! No doubt about that.

    • Then I play it off as a April fools joke. Maybe a bad one, but just a joke. I’m betting on she is so overwhelmed so fast that she isn’t able to connect any dots. She’s not terribly bright, not very tech savvy, and pretty easily manipulated. If she does submit, I get to own her in like a sex slave.

    • I did not write the reply below. How could you say that about your wife! If your are, how could you treat your wife like that. You know that people who have that attitude end up becoming rapists and end up in prison!

    • It sounds like you think it’ll work by your reaction. What would you do? Do your best to protect your family and reputation, or risk your family and friends seeing what a dirty slut you are? It seems like a pretty easy decision to me. If I were her I’d want to keep everything a secret. I would use her pretty hard for a couple months. Force her to send me more and more extreme pics and vids. Ramp up the humiliation slowly. Then I’ll have everything I need to keep her under my control forever. After a couple months I’d back off a bit. So she doesn’t loose her mind. Then pop back in a few times a year to keep her on the hook. I’d force her to say and do the most disgusting and humiliating things in the end.

    • I guess she's not terribly bright if she married an asshole like you. You're right.

    • Now you get it

    • Not if I include a pic of her naked, legs spread, 10” dildo stuffed in her pussy. I doubt she’d just delete that.

    • Devious my friend tell me more

    • Fuck you jerrybob! If you keep putting your email in replies I will enroll your email everywhere idiot!

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