What should I do with him?

I’m a dominatrix, I’m only 19 but I have always been top of every relationship I’ve had. But there’s a problem that I’m not sure how to handle. I always punish guys, like sexual torture, sadism etc. To discipline them. But I’ve recently realised by younger brother who’s 16 steals my panties. He doesn’t know I know. I’ve considered going all out on him with the punishments, but I’m not sure. Is it wrong because he’s my brother to discipline him in a sexual way? Or should I just ignore it? I’m not sure

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  • Wow here's a concept. Ignore your little brother like a normal sister would for being annoying.

  • Give this time and serious thought. Do some research. Tighten the screws on him. Get in his head. Ruin his budding manhood. Set him up to be cheated on by every girlfriend, and later cuckolded by any woman he marries. Thoroughly train him for subservience to every girl/woman he meets. Have an extensive plan mapped out ahead of time BEFORE you drop the hammer on him.

    Not to say that this is the way to start ... but as an example ...

    You could take ALL his underwear. Leave ONE pair of your panties in their place. He'll know. Should he confront you, you don't have his underwear because you've given them to a girlfriend for safe keeping. He won't know which girl friend this is. But he'll have to go to which ever one you suggest MIGHT have them ... or at least one of them.

    Since he has 'no underwear,' she'll 'demand' to see what is beneath his pants before discussing this. Is he wearing the panties you left him? If not, he gets no further. Will this girl know what other girl yet might have them? This one MIGHT have them ... or at least one of them. And so it continues.

    Make his humiliation as extreme as you can contrive. Flaunt your sexuality in front of him outrageously. Diminish him sexually. Convince him over time...and then make him internalize and truly believe that his male sexuality is utterly inferior to yours and to that of all women. Lay out his whole life before him.

    Punishment must fit crime. What he did IS sexual. Your response MUST be sexual. Let me know what you come up with.

  • You can certainly have a lot of fun with him, first ensure you have absolute proof that you could show your parents then start making him do things like being naked in front of you, you can squeeze his balls and prick real hard whenever you like, put dildo's etc. in his bum.
    One fantastic thing that I used to do to my younger brother was stain his prick and nuts with bright pink indelible ink it usually lasted for three weeks because I would give him three thick coats, I would make him show me every second or third day and sometimes I would have him bend over with legs wide then from behind I would get a great tight grasp on his prick and nuts and pull him around the house backwards, I also had him wear my panties to school.

  • You’re not a dominatrix. You’re just a vicious little girl. Sounds to me like you need proper training.

  • She sure does and I am just the person to do it

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