Playing in showers

I have always wanted to shower with other people. Not a one on one like with a girlfriend in the shower together. I’ve done plenty of that. I mean a public shower. In high school I was never into sports or anything like that. We would have P.E. Class and we were always encouraged to shower afterwards but I was VERY self conscious of my body and especially my penis. I’m I was a pretty late bloomer and I didn’t have pubic hair until almost my senior year and I felt like I was well below average size. (I know now that I wasn’t and I’m actually fairly well endowed maxing out at just under 8 inches.) I was also terrified of the other boys seeing me and making fun of me, starting rumors etc. Kids can be brutal!! Especially in high school. Plus the fear of random erections was too much to bear. So I never did take the chance to shower with a group of people. Now that I’m older I regret not doing it. I have had an exhibitionist/voyeur side of me come out and Something about being naked with other people around is so tempting and dare I say erotic. Plus there is a side of me that wants to see other naked people in person not just on porn. The mixed gender shower scenes in movies make me a bit jealous! I want to partake in something like that sooo bad!! I can totally picture myself getting a hard on doing this. This might sound stupid but does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of places have public showers anymore? I know gyms and rec-centers do but, all the ones I have seen have stalls or divider curtains nowadays. I’d love to try and make this happen.

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  • I think a gym would be the only place.

  • I played hockey growing up, and there was no avoiding the post game/practice showers. The shower rooms in those locker rooms were always wide open. I was ridiculed by my teamates quite frequently for my unwanted erections while showering with them. I have always considered myself straight, but I couldn't control my hardon around all the other naked guys. It made me question my sexuality a lot.

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