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Back in the day CB radios were popular. We'd been married a few years; wife very attractive and sexual. We were sitting at home drinking one evening and I told her we should go "riding around"; her wearing a tight little top and a skirt with no panties. She smiled and agreed. Got into the van and fired up the radio. She identified herself on the trucker channel as Rose. Soon a guy was flirting and she flirting back. He said he'd like to see here. She agreed but told him her husband would be there. Guy said okay. Agreed to meet at a local truck stop. We parked at the rear; he'd been told our van color. Soon a big rig pulled up on the passenger side. It was a warm nite and she had her feet up on the dash and the skirt was up high almost to her bush. Guy got out, walked up to her open window and began chatting. We were still taking shots so she was very relaxed. She said "I'm getting tired" and laid her head back and closed her eyes. He slowly reached in looking at me. I smiled and nodded. He touched the inside of her upper leg. She moaned softy. I watch his hand slowly creep up to her pussy. Soon he was rubbing her clit and sliding his finger in and out. While doing so, he was stroking his cock and in minutes was shooting a load....

4 months ago


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    • My wife Jill never wore panties in the summer with a skirt on. She says panties are unhealthy, it feels good and a little naughty. We're at this packed nightclub, had a few drinks and this handsome guy comes to our table asks her to dance. She says sure. Something to brag to her girlfriends about. They're gone for an hour. It's a big place, lose them in the crowd. Later that she horny as fuck. She said her dance guy was fingering her, sort of proud of herself.. I said why tell me, now I'm pissed. Almost called her a whore and don't tell your fucking girlfriends. Never marry a teen. 19 college student. 30 years later she's like a nun. I like whore Jill better.

    • Sorry to hear she's turned into a "none". Wife and I are open minded and it is a turn on to see her with another man. Everyone's happy.

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