I was a single mum 2 kids 17 and 18 living with brother and his wife well we moved to a seaside town and open shop was a nice place quiet compared to where was in London, well this mad started coming in placing an order then go car wait after while i sated trying talk to him well found had few problems ie people coming outside so he was very edgy so suggested if wants he could sit behind counter chat to me while waiting and offed a drink too he looked me bit strange but said ok he try opening counter door he comes round and sat 1 of the chairs we had was nice getting know as family away university or flat above the shop this went on for few weeks and started see that smile on his face and looked more relaxed,so 1 evening during week when knowing we were not that busy i keep eye out for him coming shop and soon i did i nipped out back removed my bra and undone all buttons on polo shirt standing on small steps ready for when he come in got my note pad pen and asked for his order bending over taking order and noticed my plan worked he did look down top marred him year later found out woke his iner self and he had wank that night

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  • Try using punctuation. It works.

  • I love seeing my mom in a loose top with no bra. When she bends over I get a good look at her boobs. Her nipples are always hard and I just want to suck them.

  • I've always wanted to fuck my mum. I used to find any excuse to chat to her when she was in the bath just so I could see her naked. Really should of tried to shag her!

  • I love seeing a bra-less pair of tits and nipples bending over in front of me. Makes me horny just thinking about it.

  • Southend I bet? The sounds like your off your face.

  • What?

  • LOL ! At what point did you drink the entire bar, cupcake ?

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