BBC takes my wife

My wife of twenty years of marriage had sex with her young black co worker recently,my name is John and my wife's name is Kathy,we are both 49 years old of age, Kathy my wife is a nurse at a rehab center in northern New Jersey . last week Kathy came home and was visible upset about something normally she is home around 5 pm but she has been coming home around 6 or so within the last week,I asked her what's wrong she responded that she doesn't know we're to start at so I sat her down and said let's start from the beginning were ever your coming from.kathy said there was this young intern that she has been working with that was hitting on her and making sly sexy remarks to her but she did mention that he was really polite and a nice young man.i asked her did you tell anyone she said no be because it made her feel good ,I was confused by that response Kathy went on telling me that she finally started giving in to him and going to lunch with him and even getting a quick bite to eat after work ,(that explains the lateness) and that she went to his house after work yesterday and today ,to do what I asked she looked down at the floor and said to have sex which they did both days and that she really enjoyed it and wants to see him more because he makes her feel so good and that he is extremely large in the cock department and he is black! I was speechless I didn't know what to say or do she grabbed my arm looked straight into my eyes and said let me have more of him please and kissed my forehead and said she still loves me very much as she went into the bathroom to shower up as she needed to get his cum off her body she said. I guess my question is should I allow her to be with him more or no I,m so hurt but also turned on by it also and I really don't know what to do she wants an answer soon and I'm lost for words I'm scared if I say no she will do it anyway need some guidance in this situation thanks. Johnathan aroused and confused hubby.


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  • In a month he'll have her fucking his friends, one or two at first, then more and soon the gang bangs will start, she'll be his whore him and his friends will fuck her more than you do.

  • Of course if you will not let her she will do it anyway so let her do it
    If you love her much let her feel good
    Do you have kids ?
    Would you let her partner get her pregnant ?

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