Slow head

I like to just lay back and receive slow head while making no real reaction or letting it be known when I will burst. I think it comes from back when I started getting my little cock sucked by my buddy. He was a couple years older than me and he taught me how to stroke. He was right beside me the first time I ever came.

Physically, we were different in that I had a slender hairless cock and he had a dark, fat, veiny cock with a matching fat head and thick dark pubes. His ball sack was fairly large and firm. His cock wasn't especially long, but I couldn't get much in my mouth anyway because of the head. I remember the taste as pleasant.

Back then, I did most of the sucking and he would occasionally suck me. We never sucked each other to completion, because that would be gay. We both knew we were just getting off until we found girls to work with.

Both of us shot heavy loads, but they went to waste. I, several times, suggested that I suck him completely and swallow and in return, he would do me. He never wanted to, so I didn't do for him either. But, one night at a sleep over I got under the covers and took him in my mouth and sucked his fat head while enjoying the taste and slow stroking him mostly from the base. The kind of head that I like to this day.

After a while we switched and i just lay back receiving a really great blowjob. I knew I would come very soon, because I was so horny that night, but I made no indication or even flinch to let him know. It was though, the kind of orgasm that built and built down in my balls until I could no longer hold it in. He had me balls deep when I instantly released a large continuous stream of cum. I had no more. My entire load blasted forth with not a single follow-thru spasm. It all went straight down his throat.

He did pull off quickly and tried to spit it out, but all he spit was the little that landed on the very back of his tongue. Yes, he was somewhat pissed. I pretended I had no idea I was close at all.

To this day I like to just relax while my wife gives me slow head. I never have to hide when I am approaching, I continually pulse my head to provide sweet pre-cum while she tongues my slit. Her moans tell me she is tasting it. I control, as well as she, my building orgasm, until I grip just the very base of my cock tightly, while I pulse heavy loads into her mouth.

I have had many girls and women give me head thru the years, and have had not a single load spit out or wasted in any way. I feel a certain power or even ownership of every one of them to take my load to their belly. I still think of my buddy from years ago that was the only male to every receive my stream of white gold. I wonder if he also remembers. I still feel as though I own a part of him.

I still am fascinated and turned on by M/M porn. Blowjobs where a man is slowly working a fat cock to completion. One man in particular has post many of that very scene on popular porn sites where he meets regulars in a stairwell and gives them slow, attentive head while the camera views him from the side, close up. My favorite is when a guy will work up a large pearl of pre-cum perched on a swollen head, and the feeder continues to clear each giving pearl until the cock finally blows.

I haven't had a cock in my mouth in 40 years. Just had only one other mans cock in my hand, stroking it while my wife sucked him and I felt his cum pulse into her mouth as I squeezed the base. I had one opportunity, with a bi man, to lay under my wife and hold my tongue at the intersection of pussy and cock and lick the underside of his large cock while he filled my wife. We quickly left his place and I sucked the cum from her pussy at home.

Today, I am equally as interested in laying back and letting a male slowly bring me to orgasm, as I am in licking pre-cum pearls off a plump cock head or slow sucking and stroking a veiny cock into my mouth and taking a hot load down my throat. My wife is aware of my interest and willing to have another man join us for the experience. I'm not giving up hope.

I think of my buddy from years ago and the taste and feel of his cock in my mouth and wonder if he ever thinks of pumping a load down my throat or the time he swallowed mine. I'm sure he doesn't know I would give good money just to slowly work his cock in my mouth until I reward him by taking his load across my tongue and into my belly.

4 months ago


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    • Did his cock stink?

    • I always swallow, it's the fucking best.

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