An afternoon at the beach

I was at the beach one afternoon and I was lookin' at the women there and I saw a few that really made my dick get hard when I was lookin' at them in their bikinis. I would've pulled my dick out and jacked off right there in front of one of them but I didn't want anyone to see so I waited until almost everyone left before I did it. There was a blonde sittin' there in the sand and my dicks was hard and I walked over to her and asked her if it was okay if I jacked off in front of her and she said "yeah go ahead play with your dick". I pulled my dick out and she looked at it and said "jack off it's okay". I started jackin' off slow and she said "you have to hurry up". I started doin' it a little quickly and after almost a half hour she laughed when she noticed I wasn't coming. She said "you can't come?" and she started laughing again and she said "quit it, if you don't quit jackin' off your dicks gonna fall off then you won't jack off anymore". She sat there lookin' at my balls and she said "are your balls full?" I see 'em rollin' up and down". I couldn't come and she knew it so she said "see if this helps, pull your balls hard and don't quit until you're comin'". I started playin' with my balls and she said "jerk your balls". I started jerkin' my balls and she said "do it until you're comin'". I kept jackin' off and jerkin' my balls until I started coming. She noticed when I sighed and she laughed at me and said "jack off poor baby can't come what's the matter you had to piss and it got hard you're jackin' off and can't come?". I finally ejaculated and she sat there and looked at my dick and balls when I let go of them. She said "no wonder you jack off you can't get any pussy can you?". She noticed my dick was red on the crown and she said "quit strainin' your dick". She stood up and started to walk away but I asked if I could do it again and she said "one minute". I started furiously working my dick back and forth for a minute and she said "quit I have to get back to my place if you wanna jack off in front of women see what they'll do". She walked to her car and got in and drove away. I felt good and felt like a pervert that afternoon.

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  • I don't think most guys know how fascinating it is for us to watch guys masturbate and cum.

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