Bored frustrated lady

Im sure there be lots say im sick or bad but will see I been on own over 6 years and my 18 year old son lives with me I always been open around him but I started doing things not sure if I should but gets me of for started only wear knickers in evening watching tv he mostley in his room well 1 evening I was feeling horney nothing new there but instead going my bed room started touching myself on settee found more exciting as might get courght never did that night so stoped locking bathroom door while in shower well was so tired on finish shower and instead getting dressed or wrapping towel around myself walked to my bed room lied on bed but door was half open accident but needed release quick so rubbing myself agine found chance getting caught excitement well come quick and lied there relaxing and fell asleep don't know how long was lying there but hear noise did not open eyes as was trying guess what it was realised my son must been by door could hear him moaning and rubbing his cock I slowlely moved rolling over he stoped for while then started agine was making me wet agine so moved agine on to my back and moved 1 leg wide showing my self to him he must liked as now was rubbing himself faster then could hear him release he then moved bathroom and while he was there I started playing with myself could hear him coming out bathroom on his way to his room but he stoped by my door agine and watched me coming then he sneaked of to his room so few days later we was both watching a movie and there was a sean of couple making love and noticed he was getting hard I slowly moved my hand down and under my knickers other hand fondling a boob he noticed what I was doing he spoke asking if I'm ok and don't have be shy carry on and if ok he rubb himself to and can watch each other so as was horney i did so did he well its something we do few times a week

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