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Seriously dude, here is some advice for your website. In your query that returns the results from your database to the end user. You should put an order by descending date statement at the end. That way the results returned will be in descending chronological order instead of all over the place. You also wouldn't have repeated returns when the user goes to the next page.

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  • That last remark frigin quietened you arseholes down

  • You cunts are racist pricks, fuck off if you don't like it

  • If you pricks are so fucking smart why not apply for the job

  • Fuck you nigga. Do your fucking job asshole.

  • Another message to the webmaster would be be to hurry the fuck up and post peoples submissions. He fucking waits forever and post a shitload of them. To the point where they get lost once they drop off the first page. So you see the same ones for a week or more, and then the first ones he post when he starts again, get lost and never read.
    Dude, how hard is it to read the submissions and click approve?

  • Someone volunteer to help him out. I suspect he's sat there alone with a fuck load of back log...

  • If that's the case, why does it take a fucking week to post something? Dude, all you are doing is reading the post from others and then allowing them to go through. Do you just not think about it? Or are you busy with other shit? What?

  • Twenty bucks says he didn't even read this.

  • Million buck instead.

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