I caught my roommate's brother "perving" over my underwear !!!

I caught my roommate's brother "perving" over my underwear! From time to time my roommate (who is also a girl) gets visits from her brother. Over several months I started to suspect "something was up" with him. I always keep the door to my room closed when I am not home. One time I came back home, he was visiting, and I noticed the door to my room open just a little. At the time I thought it was odd? Several weeks later, right after one of his visits I noticed a couple of the drawers in my dresser left open a little bit. I always push them closed all the way? About a month later I was getting dressed one morning, putting a bra on, and noticed something odd in the cups? At the time I thought something happened during the laundry? Looking back now I think it was dried semen, my roommate's brother's semen! I figured this all out about a month after the incident with my bra when I came home one day, expecting to find the apartment empty, and heard an odd noise coming from my room. It scared me but I quietly walked to the door and peeked in. The noise was coming from my roommate' brother. He was laying on my bed with his pants off using the pair of pantyhose I had worn to work the day before to wank himself with! Just as I looked in he "climaxed" making a mess in my 'hose. "Excuse Me!" I shouted and he dropped my pantyhose, flew off the bed, and put his pants back on. He begged me not to tell his sister, which I haven't. He left my jizz filled pair of pantyhose on my bed and left the apartment. Needless to say, I didn't wear those 'hose again. It was so gross! - Tedde.

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  • Total blackmail material.
    Tell him you will tell his sister and parents if he doesn't do exactly what you say.
    Make him come over and masturbate in front of you then make him eat his own cum. Tell him that is just the start of paying off his debt and think of some other punishments for him. He has to do the time for his crime.

  • I also had a problem with a co-worker once. We have a gym in our office building and I usually work out after work. I came back to the office to get my stuff after working out one evening and found this guy I work with opening the bag I use to bring a change of clothes to work. He had a pair of my panties in his hand when I saw him. He's since been fired for that and some other issues. A few weeks prior to catching this guy taking my panties, I thought I had "lost" another pair of panties, couldn't find them in my bag when I got home. I now suspect the same guy had taken them. What a sicko! Marcy . . .

  • Unfortunately, a similar thing happened to me before. But, my situation was a little different. I caught a co-worker going into one of my desk drawers taking tampons that I kept in there. I keep a few "spares" in my desk drawer "just in case." Over several weeks, I thought a few had gone missing but wasn't sure how many I had in there. Coming back from lunch one day I saw this guy taking one and confronted him. He tried to play it off like he was looking for something else. I don't even want to know what he was doing with the ones he took! After I confronted him, they stopped disappearing (Amanda).

  • Yuck! I swear I have had a few tampons "go missing" from my desk draw at work. After reading this post I'm paranoid one of the guys in the office has been taking them. Sick! Sick! Sick! Deb.

  • I definitely would use this to my advantage. Save up dirty things just for him, but he has to do something in exchange

  • You are a sicko !!! - Tedde

  • You could use that situation to your advantage and punish your new 'slave' for your own sexual pleasure.

  • Sicko !!! - Tedde

  • You are a prude, and later in life, when you are old and no-one wants sex with you, you will realize that you should have taken such opportunities when they presented themselves.

  • How fucking creepy. Really. I'd tell your roommate about this and let her know that he can't come over anymore. You shouldn't have to put up with that shit.

  • I agree with you. I am thinking of telling her. - Tedde

  • Something to consider, he may stay on his best behavior if you don't tell and out of fear what you have on him.

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