How a 55yrs. straight , married man started his panty fetish

Around 9 yes. old my huge love for women's nylon fullback panties was realized. One morning I walked into our family laundry room. Immediately I saw balled up shinny black fabric on the floor and had a uncontrollable urge to pick it up. Turns out it's a pair of what I assumed was my mom's or sister's underwear. Felt very smooth and cool. I was alone and a thought crossed my mind. How would these black and soft panties would feel on me. So I undressed and put them on. Boom they felt so good against my skin, unlike the cotton tighty whities I was wearing. After that I started only wearing a clean pair of my mom's VF nylon briefs to bed. At the age I was at women's underwear was not a sexual stimulating feeling yet. After a few months I vividly remember one morning I had a erection and normally it would just go away. Not this time I now felt how good stroking my punishment with the panties felt. Dam ,felt so good it erupted for the first time. Then all threw childhood I masturbated in or on women's panties. My favorite things were watching the girls and mom's either showing just those sexy panty lines or occasionally getting to view her panties. A gusset shot or pulled above her belt line of her back side.
I loved seeing the different women's underwear catalogs. I must have jerked my cock ever chance I got. First time that I know of being caught was when my mother searched my room for something and found hers and my older sisters panties under my bed. Completely handled it wrong by yelling and shaming me in front of my family. I was devastated. Nevertheless I could not stop obsessing over panties. I knew I was not gay or even had any feminine feeling when wearing women's panties.
The 2nd time I got caught was by a neighbor.
I was helping my friends mom move boxes from her 1st floor to her basement. Well her laundy machine was in the basement too. Of course I had to at least look to see what kind of panties she wore. It was like a dream , she had a basket with her clean bras and panties down there. I picked one up and held it like I was gonna slid them on when she spoke upand asked me if I liked them . I was startled cause I was paying no attention to my surroundings and fixated on a pair of light blue nylon bikini panties. I replied yes. Then she asked me if I had ever had the notion to try them on and again I said yes. She had me strip and wear her panties. She was an adult so basicl she felt my erect penis a few times and I couldn't hold back and filed her panties with my hot cum. If anyone wants to here more of my personal panty wearing stories just comment so and questions.

Aug 3
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    • I'm the same. Licking my au pairs panties and then unloading my hot cum in their lacy panties. Loved looking at my hard cum covered cock stretching the panties

    • I love the way satin and silk feel on my cock and bum. Thongs are also nice because they can help secure my buttplug from skipping out. All of this is by order of my wife. I love the play also, but she comes up with what I have to wear inside and out. Last night when we went to bed there was skimpy lingire with panties, garter, pushup bra and my fake implants. A note said put this on and I'll be in shortly. When she arrived she had one of our gay friends in tow. We had the best night ever me being their sissy play toy!

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