She was a little distracted

It was late one afternoon and I was sittin' with a friend and I noticed she was actin' like she didn't know what I was goin' to do 'cause I sat there across from her wantin' to pull my dick out and play with it 'cause I thought she would be surprised. After a half hour she looked over for a minute and I thought that was my chance to do it. Little by little I slowly unzipped for a few minutes quietly so she wouldn't hear the zipper and I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my hard dick and when she happened to look back at me and she saw my hard dick she looked surprised. She sat there lookin' at it and after a minute she smiled and she asked me "are you going to play with it?". I sat there as her eyes grew big like she's never seen a hard dick before. She told me she was a virgin and we wouldn't be having sex and I said "that's okay". I grabbed my dick and slow worked it up and down in front of her for a minute to see what she would do and she kept looking at it and she asked me "would you finish?". I started working it a little quicker with every few minutes and her eyes were looking at where my hand was. She was looking like she couldn't believe what I was doing. When I was coming she knew because she smiled and whispered "coming jack off?" and after a few more minutes I orgasmed and she sat there and looked when I let go of my dick. She watched it slowly go down and she asked me "what if I did it in front of you?". She pulled up her dress and started playin' with herself for nearly an hour and when she finished she asked me "how do you like that?".

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  • A hand job would have been nice. Or how about you touch her down there for a little. Hope this led to more exciting adventures. I bet it the cock was black she would have wanted it

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