My Naughty Neighbour Jack

My name is Jasmine and I'm a 39 year very girly she-male. I love being feminine (I've still got my bits!!), dressing girly and flirty. I'm fit and 68kg, 5ft 4" in my stockinged long legs and I'm in love with my retired neighbour Jack. He is married to Elsie. but the dear lady apparently can't stand sex any longer!! However, he is very naughty and is breaking the lockdown rule by still visiting me in my flat and I love him for it. Jack tells Elsie his wife, that he is going out for some exercise and he pops along to see me for it.
Jack and I have been having a sexual relationship for nearly fifteen months and we are really loving together. We had been neighbours for four years, until one day we met in the local pub and got into conversation. After to many gins, I told Jack about myself, that I had been she-male since my teens and to my utter joy he told me that he knew and fancied me and asked me if I lived on my own, I told him I did and why not come along and see my flat one day.
Well, within a week Jack phoned and we arranged his visit when Elsie was going to her Bingo evening.
That night I dressed in my flirtiest outfit, a short yellow silk dress, white nylon undies and a vintage silk lacy slip, a very lacy bra for my real 38B boobs, stockings with suspenders and a pair of strappy high heeled shoes.
Jack knocked on my door at about 5.30 and I invited him in. We were standing looking at each other in the hall and he said " you look gorgeous and sexy Jasmine", then we just kissed, held each other caressing and fondling and I could feel his bulge, he was aroused. "You naughty boy" I said, "you've got a big hard on, then we'd better go straight to my bedroom".
As we were getting undressed Jack asked me to leave my clothes on as he would like to feel me dressed when he was naked, he said it really aroused him!! I zipped my dress up and sat on the bed and watched him undress, and when I saw what was trapped in his underpants, I nearly fainted, it was the biggest penis I'd ever seen!! "Ohh!! Jack you are big, you will be careful with me won't you?"
As he walked towards me I just gazed at it, what a monster. Jack stood in front of me, I leaned forward and kissed that beautiful erection running my tongue around it's head, but I couldn't get it into my mouth "darling your to big for me" I stammered "let me get some gel and you can shag me from behind".
My dildo 'naughty Harry' was as big as Jack's penis and I loved Harry so I knew I could take Jack's giant manhood in my bottom. I got my KY Jelly and Jack fingered it into my anus and as he did that I was so aroused I thought I was going to cum prematurely as Jack was saying how lovely my undies were and my stockings!! My knickers were pulled aside and the silky gusset was tight against my crotch as he entered me and I couldn't help it. I squealed out loud!!
Jack was good, he was gentle, he was big, I felt the whole throbbing length penetrate, my anus had never been so stretched and he was so sexy. I felt him caressing my erection within my knickers, my silk dress flicking around my thighs and Jack kissing my neck.
We shagged for more than fifteen minutes like that until the darling released his cum into me and then quietly said "Jasmine I'm now going to suck your penis you lovely young lady" and with that he turned me around, lifted the hem of my silk dress and slip, got between my legs and made love to my erection.
Jack has been visiting regularly ever since that memorable night.

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  • So, if Jack helped you onto a horse, would you help Jack off that same horse ?

  • You are such a lucky girl Jasmine I would love to take you to bed while you are wearing your lingerie!

  • Awww!!! thank you darling, I was wondering if someone would respond to my post.
    Well, naughty Jack (he is so randy) has been to visit this afternoon when Elsie went to have tea with a friend. Jack had phoned to tell me during a trip to the shops this morning and he told me that he couldn't wait to make love to me.
    Well, I "dressed to death" for him in true fifties attire full bum pink nylon knickers over pink satin suspenders fastened to silky tan stockings, a lovely soft silky full white and pink petticoat under a full circle swing silky polyester polka dot skirt complimented with a pink lacy bra and a white satin blouse.
    I chose a pair of white strappy high heels to make my long legs nice and taught!!
    Jack arrived at about 2pm and I let him in, we kissed and cuddled with me feeling his big bulge. "Jasmine" he said "you are so delicious I just want to eat you" and I responded "then come and eat me you naughty boy" and led him into my bedroom.
    He tore his clothes off, he was so aroused and as he pulled me to him he said "Jasmine I just want to fuck you every day, I can't stop thinking about you" and with that we fell back onto the bed, I could feel his hand on my knickers caressing my erection as I gently persuaded him to lay on his back. Oh! how I wanted that big penis in me as I reached for the gel.
    My legs where either side of Jack's thighs as I pulled my knickers aside and slowly fed that giant pulsating erection into my anus. Then we made love for about an hour, kissing and shagging, until I thought Jack was having a heart attack, but it was an enormous ejaculation, I had never seen him like that before but it was wonderful.

  • Jasmine, you sound so sexy and I couldn't sleep thinking about what you do with Jack. I feel so jealous of jack, I'm masturbating thinking of you riding his lovely dick, you naughty, naughty lady. I would love you to be my bottom, I'm 64 a widower and really want to cum up you, to be able to look at you, admire you, touch and caress your undies, i'm cumming Jasmine OHHHH!!!!! that was lovely now back to bed in my lovely nylon nightie

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