Naughty Silky Sarah

My name is Silky Sarah and I am a mature gentle transvestite living in the UK. I guess you'd call me "A Queen" now. I was very pretty as a child and by the time I was ten had become very feminine in my appearance, then at boarding school I had an experience which convinced me that my inner girly was dominant and I have been she-male ever since.
At twelve I was seduced by the music master who persuaded me to dress as a girl for him privately, bought me lots of girly items and I loved it and he was very naughty with me, but also very affectionate and kind.
I have had many adventures over the years but have always practiced safe sex and only with lovers whom I have formed a long relationship!! I am having an affair with Amanda at the moment who is also a lovely mature tranny.
I'm very convincing when dressed as female (never in drag!!) Ugh!, but in expensive silky lingerie and floaty sensual chiffon dresses that are just a little naughty, I adore it when the wind catches the dress hem and it threatens to reveal my undies.
I hate being dressed as a male, but there are so many unisex fashions nowadays that I can still be wearing my silky knickers and stocking beneath my pants.
I hope you like my confession, I don't feel at all guilty as I love what I have become, so please don't be rude and troll me with abuse.
Love Silky Sarah XX

23 days ago

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    • Oh SILKY Sarah..... I can imagine the two of us going through a vast selection of lingerie and high heels and wigs and doing our makeup.

    • Darling, embracing in our lingerie, feeling each other's erection in our silky knickers, kissing as we adjust each other's wigs, two naughty girlies together and a very private love affair. Running our trembling fingers over the silky covered contours as we choose our favourite floaty flirty silky dresses, teasing each other as we lift the hems up and wiggle our bottoms , tossing and fluffing up our naughty silkies. Darling my girly penis is so erect and throbbing. I am wearing all pink silkies today in floaty nylon and already I've a damp patch on my full bum knickers, I'm a very naughty girly and I love you!!
      Silky Sarah xx

    • Hi my name is Licky Lisa and I dress like a girl too, but being morbidly obese I make my dresses out of shower curtains. I never dress like a male any more and the children laugh when they see my shower curtain outfits and they laugh when I show them my penis, I guess I shouldn't do that, but they like to see the ejaculate shoot out. It's like a party game! I offer to fellate whoever comes to my apartment and once in a while one of the Mexicans who come to fix something will stick it down my throat. I go to the 7-11 and lick homeless guys behind the dumpster, that's why they call my Licky Lisa! Being a she-male is the BEST. I am in Phoenix I hope one of you comes and finds me.

    • You sound like my kinda gal, Licky

    • Dear Silky Sarah;
      I wish we could chat. I'm in California and love to talk about little fetishes and get naughty sometimes. Just call me Kim.

    • I love it and looking forward for your experience in choosing clothing. For some reason this site is filled with Mountains of insults and endless religious quotes. I don't know how to reach you and benefit from your experience. I am a good looking person who does not present his look the right way so I am at loss when choosing clothing. I need help in dressing the right way.

    • Enjoy what you love to wear. Personally I have a hot fetish for glossy pantyhose satin panties and high heels. I usually wear matching bra and panties. I'm very tall but have relatively small feet. I can't pass for female unless I'm in a car. It's so exciting to fully dress totally En Femme.

    • Something about thighs rubbing together in silky pantyhose absolutely makes my panties wet. High heels make your legs look longer and more defined. I usually wear pantyhose underneath my pants. The feeling of expensive pantyhose is highly arousing.

    • Hello darlings, it's Silky Sarah replying. I love all you posts and how wonderfully refreshing it is to see that we have not been trolled by some ignorant "mollusc"!!
      Well, to tell you a little bit more about me, I'm 5ft 5" tall, weigh less than 67kg, slim with size 7 in ladies shoes. I have disproportionately long legs which suit a short full swing skirt or dress with lots of flouncy petticoats. I am a ladies size 12 . I wear my hair in a short "bob" fashioned by a hairdresser gay friend, which suits my age as well as when I dress as male. I also have a speech impediment as my voice never broke fully as a teenage, it has remained rather high pitched and girly, which of course I like.
      I prefer to purchase silky vintage lingerie and I particularly like French knickers as they tease and arouse my naughty bits!! I love going out in public dressed to tease in my silky floaty chiffon dresses and regularly get an erection when I'm being scrutinised by both male and female admirers, naughty me!! but you can't tell that I'm aroused because the dresses are full and floaty.
      So darlings, try the crossdressing society and you will find me on it.
      Silky Sarah XX

    • I ABSOLUTELY ADORE vintage lingerie from the sixties and seventies. They are so silky smooth and feels luxurious against the skin.

    • You are a naughty lovely girly like me, please oh! please tell me more about you.
      Love Silky Sarah xx

    • Omg. I love high heels and stockings. I want to shave my legs and body hair. Lingerie is so stimulating.

    • Darling, this is Silky Sarah, I love your post!! I am sitting at my computer with my penis twitching. I'm dressed in my full and flouncy two layer vintage white nylon nightie with matching ruffled silky nylon full-bum knickers, white suspender belt and silky tan stockings and I am feeling a very naughty girly. I would love to know more about you. I live in the UK, do you??
      Silky Sarah XX

    • Oh GOD! I can imagine you in your naughty things. I need to hear more darling.

    • I would love to send you photos of me in my silky naughties dressed as Silky Sarah , I'm a very sexy mature transvestite.
      If you look further down on this fetish category you'll get to "I want to talk to other crossdressers" where I replied to that posting with how I first started my femininity and my love of silky lingerie and sex. I hope you like it darling.
      Love Silky Sarah xx

    • A Tip: If you join the website; and it's free and secure, you will find me there under Silky Sarah. Send me a message and I will give you my email so we can exchange naughty messages and photos, even videos!!!! I live in Oxfordshire in the UK.
      Silky Sarah xx

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