My dear friend Jack

In the past I have added comments to other peoples posts, but this time I thought I would write one of my own.
I am she-male and have been perfecting my girly appearance since I was twelve years old. I am now in my thirties. I have a great figure, beautiful breasts 38B, long legs and I have a very active manhood. I have a fashionable hairstyle and wear fashionable clothes (I hate drag). I go to the gym to keep fit and enjoy running long distances.
I live in an apartment of my own, have three boyfriends, all married and older than I am, particularly my seventy year old neighbour Jack who is as randy as a bull.
I am fairly wealthy having been left a legacy from a lover I got to know at school. He was my history teacher and introduced me to a girly life.
I am very naughty, I love flirting like sitting in the pub opposite an older man, as I love to see him looking to see if he can see my knickers up my skirt without causing a scene . That's how I met James and Brian in my local pub. They are both over sixty and live locally.
But, Jack is the one who visits the most and loves to fuck me when I'm wearing my lingerie. Jack lives in my apartment block with his wife Ethel who doesn't want sex any longer. Jack approached me in our lift one day and he has been humping me ever since. I know he takes Viagra and I love his huge manhood and he can really "reach the parts and go the distance".
Jack likes me wearing stockings and suspenders, silk French knickers and flouncy petticoats, he says it reminds him of the fifties when he was a teenager.
Jack is coming to visit at 11am today, so I had better get dressed for him. Today I'm going to wear a flouncy vintage nylon nightie and matching robe together with stockings etc as he will love that.
Well that's all for now darlings.
Signed Jasmine.

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  • Great story.

    Why are all your bfs married?

    I’d love to learn more about you.

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