Affair with neighbour

I am a 30 yr old divorced white male with a secret confession.Was feeling lonely and naughty recently so I started to go to an adult sex store to masturbate in one of the Video booths.A couple months ago I was there and got a huge surprise when I saw my older white haired apartment neighbour going into a booth.Jack lives down the the hall and is a widower with white hair,a paunch,glasses and around 70.He was very friendly and was always inviting me over for coffee but I always made some excuse.I wondered if i should just leave as he would recognize me and know I had this secret life but something kept me there.I looked at some dirty magazines and dvds on the rack then passed by his booth.The door was open and I could see him in the booth naked,smoking an all white 100 cigarette while his erect 7 inch cut cock was waving in the air.He noticed me and motioned me in.I felt like turning around and running but instead walk slowly into his booth and sat down.The bench was large enough for both of us and Jack said relax and just enjoy the show.I sat down and he offered me a cigarette.As I smoked i noticed the porn movie he was watching was all men ,a gay porn with mature gents enjoying each other.Jack said this is the kind of stuff I like now,as I have been interested in cock and men for many years.Only been able to watch this since the wife passed away.He then gently cupped my hardening bulge and unzipped my pants.He felt my stiffening cock and said looks like you like this stuff too.He caressed and stroked my cock in such a knowing way I knew he had done this before.I desire you baby he said without embarrassment and gave me a deep smoky kiss in which his tongue was soon exploring my mouth all over.I realized I liked it a lot more than I ever dreamed I would and soon kissed him passionately back.As Jack and I kissed he slowly stroked my very hard cock.I reached out and felt his cock which was also hard,cut and slightly longer than mine with a bigger mushroom head.I caressed him like he did me.Suddenly he cried out and shot cum out of his cock and I then felt myself letting go and shooting all over us.We both sat back covered in cum.He had some kleenex and cleaned us both up.Later he whispered in my ear it would be nice to go back to his place and cuddle.I nodded and left with him.As we walked home I had the strange feeling we were becoming a couple naturally without any resistance.It was like I was his wife in a weird kind of way just a younger version of who he lost.Later in his bed he had me wear one of her nighties which he had kept in the closet ,a black see through number.As we cuddled and kissed we were both hard again.This time he had me suck his cock which I loved right away and surprised myself by getting most of the 7 inches in my mouth without gagging.I greedily swallowed all of his load every last drop which really made him happy.He then masturbated me again and I came in a shuddering blast.I spent the night and have been spending nights with him ever since to the point where last week I moved in with him.Now neither of us is no longer lonely as Jack fucks me regularly as we engage in love talk. making me feel intensely loved.His cock no longer hurts inside me and I can tale all of it easily now with a bit of lube.I can have full body orgasms like a woman when he fucks me and it is the most intense feeling I have ever known.We are now in love with each other and I do feel like I have become his 2nd wife.The 40 yr age difference seems to mean nothing when we are together.I am lying here smoking an all white filter tip 100 with a load of Jack's cum inside me as he has gone to the store to get more cigarettes.We no longer need to go to the adult video store.


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  • Not sure, but it sounds like you might be a little bit gay.

  • I love your stories.

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