Old guys

I'm 30 years old and went out with my husband (Keith) but didn't realise my dress had risen right up when we sat down but Keith said the old man sitting across from us was getting an eyeful particularly because I was wearing stockings. He dared me to swing around accidentally flashing my knickers and Keith at the same time would leave to go to the toilet. When I swung around I smiled at the guy asking had he liked the view, the cheeky bugger said yes but is there any chance of seeing more. Obviously I couldn't believe his cheek. He even asked was that my husband, for some reason I said no he was just a friend I was out on my own waiting for a friend but she hasn't turned up. The old guy came across introducing himself as Jack commenting although he is 70 years old he still likes the women, going on to actually invite me to his house which was a only couple of doors away from the pub which he shares with a mate of similar age who would love to meet me and perhaps have another drink and chat. Like a fool I accepted. I had no idea where this would be going, but I had a rough idea. As we came to leave Keith came from the toilets but giving him a quick wink he left after just saying "see you again" I knew I was on my own. So now with us going in his house I was introduced to Mike who welcomed me and just like Jack I could feel his eyes undressing me but also making me feel comfortable with both of them saying what would I like to drink and Jack again being cheeky would I show Mike my stockings and knickers like I was at the pub. This is when I started to feel really naughty because here I was with two much older men. Although being on my own I was feeling daring without my husband because it is normally him suggesting I do this sort of thing.
So for some reason still sitting down I hitched my dress up so I was showing my stocking tops and a bit of my knickers and this is when they started daring me, because next thing both of them asked if I would stand and perhaps show them more because they haven't seen a proper woman for years except in porno films because both are widows for the last 15 years. With butterflies in my stomach standing up for some reason I was feeling really naughty and lifting my dress up I knew they were getting worked up. I think it was mike who asked would I do a twirl and asking did I shave between my legs. This is where I was totally out of control of my feelings because walking right up to them I actually invited them to take my knickers down and find out themselves. I was getting loads of compliments at the same time particularly remarking on my shape because yes I am quite chubby but all the curves in the right places. First to go was my knickers telling them to carry on follow quickly by my dress and bra but leaving my suspender belt on because they said they make me look even more gorgeous. (They never stopped giving me compliments).
Obviously now I was standing naked in front of them and looking down I could see both were sporting stiffys. I realised I wasn't being fair if I just left them like that, so kneeling down unzipping both of them I took out jacks Dick first and yes he was rock hard and quite big actually also circumcised this is when I started giving him a blow job and it didn't take long for him to come. All this time Mike was caressing my shoulders and tits at the same time slowly wanking himself but now I had finished Jack I swapped over to Mike who wasn't circumcised but a lot thicker than jacks. I pulled back his foreskin and this time I really took my time swirling my tongue around his Dick sucking at the same time until I could feel his spunk filling my mouth just like Jack. Still completely naked they pleaded for me to stay like that while we all had another drink. They never even asked if they could go further but Mike admitted he had never had a full blow job going all the way I myself was desperate to cum and it was showing because my nipples were sticking right out and apparently I was quite flushed in my face. All I wanted was to go home and literally rape keith who actually was more than willing to act the part when I told him what had happened and telling him that I had promised Jack and Mike to meet them the following week and perhaps go further. One of the hardest parts was actually putting on my dress but leaving my knickers and bra because they didn't believe I would actually meet them again but I assured them I never go back on a promise. I will let you all know what happens when I meet them again


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  • I also work in a home and get the same thing. I do nights on a male wing and its unbelievable lol

  • Thanks for the comment about working in a retirement home and being groped after meeting the old guys again next Monday I might volunteer to help out in one because I really liked the compliments I get off the two guys

  • You should try working in a retirement home, talk about grabby old men, I get groped or just out right asked for sex daily.

  • Nice

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