Old guys again

I've met the two old guys again (Jack and Mike). Before meeting them choosing the right clothes was just like getting ready for a date before I got married, this time though was in front of Keith my husband Knowing what was possibly going to happen. I don't know who was more nervous meaning Keith letting me go or me actually dating two older men. All too soon it was seven o'clock and time to go. Keith dropped me off giving me a quick kiss telling me to enjoy myself. Obviously I was a bag of nerves but serious butterflies in my stomach as I went in the pub. Jack and Mike were already there acting like perfect gentleman. They bought the drinks and made idle chat. I was waiting for them to start the sexy teasing. They started after about half an hour by complementing what I was wearing because I had on my wrap over skirt complete with slightly see-through blouse. They even asked was I wearing stockings again. Answering yes, he carried on by asking would I give them a quick flash, this is when I realised they would be hopefully expecting the same again as last time or even more, obviously that would be up to me. Making sure nobody else was watching I parted my skirt flashing my stockings and knickers.
Jack again invited us to his house again brazenly asking is there any chance of a repeat like last time? All I could think of what to say was something like "well you've seen how I'm dressed". So the small walk to his house was just as nerve wracking as the first time only now I knew what they were hoping for. This time though it was Mike who surprised me by admitting what they had been talking about during the past week meaning if I showed up how far would I go and is there any chance of doing a striptease first and what sort of things do I get up to? And was I married. Now this sort of question really put me on the spot. Obviously it could of lied but decided on the truth. Telling Jack that was my husband last time in the pub before meeting Mike and as regards sex anything goes. Admitting though I haven't done this sort of thing with older men but I was surprised by their cheek and boldness feeling comfortable and sexy in their presence. By this time I had already decided I would go all the way if they wanted. But also they had cleared a space in front of the sofa for my strip. I tried to be as sensual as I could stripping and let both of them help, but like last time they wanted me to leave my suspender belt and stockings on.
I went across to them sitting between them unfastening their trousers releasing their rock hard dicks caressing them but wriggling down telling them I wanted sorting out as well. This obviously was a green light for them. They weren't rushing, taking their time in caressing me all over, each of them taking a tit sucking, flicking my nipples with their tongues until I started feeling that churning in my stomach just before I started to have my first orgasm, and they hadn't even started on my fanny. This is when Jack said should we all go upstairs where it would be comfier. All I could say was "lead the way". They actually asked me to go first so they could see my bare bottom (cheeky sods). Thankfully it was a double bed and just seemed natural lying in the middle waiting for them to join me. I asked them to keep their clothes on because actually I find it a turn on being the only one completely naked. They obviously pushed their trousers down. Joining me on either side starting again like downstairs but this time I had spread my legs and working on both of their Dicks but also sort of kneeling up I started sucking them in turn at the same time they were really fingering me and very expertly rolling my clitoris around until yet again I started to climax even better than the last time. By this time I just wanted screwing and found myself actually inviting them asking them which way did they want me? I think both of them were actually surprised but apparently both with their past wives had only done it missionary style, but after watching lots of porno films Mike actually asked if he could lie down while I rode him (actually it's one of my favourite positions). With Mike lying down and me holding his dick I purposely lowered myself slowly feeding him in my fanny. The look on his face said it all because now leaning forward with my tits swinging he grabbed hold of my bottom cheeks pushing my hips forwards and backwards although I didn't need any help. Yet again I could feel yet another climax starting at the same time I could feel Mike starting to actually fill me up with spunk fortunately I had said as we started I couldn't get pregnant. All this time Jack had been playing with my nipples pulling them also caressing my back, but now climbing off Mike I asked Jack which way does he want me? (These two guys obviously couldn't believe their luck). He wanted doggy fashion. Getting down on all fours Jack moved in behind me making a comment about how gorgeous and voluptuous my bottom looked with Mike agreeing. Although it was making me really embarrassed knowing what they were referring to, but what they had just said made me feel special for some reason. Jack now was actually holding onto my hips starting to push his Dick inside me, but now out of the blue he started gently slapping my bottom asking did I like it? All I could say something like "bring it on no problem" (because actually I like this sort of thing). He started slapping harder at the same time pushing right in. Apparently they told me afterwards I was panting and pushing right back. Jack although he is much older he was really pounding and lasting a long time eventually though I could feel him coming. They never attempted to try again (age thing obviously) but asked me not to get dressed until it was time to go. I obliged them and actually made arrangements to meet again before leaving. I feel comfortable in their company. I know I am their plaything now but I'm not bothered really and telling all you women don't think the older man is past it, have anybody else been with a much older man?


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  • I'm 23 been with and still wi9th a 62 year old man, god what a lover while his Viagra lasts.

  • I am meeting them again for a saucy weekend away

  • Keep us posted, sweetheart

  • Very nice. I want to hear more as it happens

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