Slave Wife

My husband has made me into a Sex Slave. It started with him having me dress in naughty outfits and he would take pictures of me to post on the internet. He would lead me around the house wearing a collar and leash. Sometimes he would take me to a park or parking lot and have me walk around for anybody to see me. One time he invited some of his friends over and had me get into a sexy outfit. He then let his friends take pictures of me. He had me lay on the floor in front of his friends and had me masturbate for them while they took pictures. One of his friends got down and started licking me which really turned me on and then my husband had his friends kneel down by my head and had them jack off all over my face. I really got turned on when this happened and wanted more. I told my husband how much I got turned on by being his slave so he would invite more friends over to do what they wanted with me. One time he had his friends jack off on our coffee table and then he had me lick up all the cum and clean his friends cocks with my mouth. I loved what they had turned me into. I love to have his friends over and my Master has me lick their calls and suck their cocks. He has even had me invite one of my girlfriends over and we were forced to do all kinds of naughty things. While my girlfriend and I were kissing for his friends a couple of guys jacked off on our face and my Master had us lick clean each others face of cum. I will write somemore when my Master is away.


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  • I can lick eat your pussy so hard soo much and eat it all
    Contact me if you wanna have wild master to fuck u hard

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  • I would love you to eat my pussy, but I would rather like to lick your balls and suck on your cock and then have you jack off all over my face. I have only one master, but I use this site only, sorry.

  • Would love to hear more from you with detail xx

  • My husband has me do naughty things. He has his friends over quite often where he has me masturbate for them, sometimes a couple of guys will jack off on my face while I play with myself. I’ve had to lick up their cum from tables, the floor, a picnic table. One time his friends got really drunk and my Master had me play with them, he ordered me to lick their balls, suck on their cocks, then my Master told me to kneel on the ground where he had his friends take turns peeing on me, he even had me open my mouth where I was to drink their pee. My master says the next time will really be kinky. I can hardly wait.

  • Please advise what happens, I love this post so very sexy, do you like the way you are being treated ?

  • Yes I do, I love serving my Master. What ever he wants me to do I will freely do for him. I especially love having his friends jack off on my face, that is the greatest turn on for me. I love being naughty.

  • Next time you will have shit smeared on your face then get it washed off by piss

  • I would love to hear more of your stories. Please email me

  • This is really ever so sexy I wish I had a wife like you

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