Another She-male Life

I am a gorgeous looking mature she-male and like many others have been perfecting this appearance for a lot of years.
Ever since I was very young I have adored the way ladies look and love what they wear.
I was in my early teens when I was abused by a lovely man who treated me kindly but only wanted sex with me. He told me that I looked a pretty boy and that it would suit me and him if I dressed as a teenage girl.
He bought me girly things which he kept at his house just for my visits and he also taught me how to massage my breasts to develop them. That feeling was fantastic.
He first buggered me when I was 15, we were in bed and really aroused, he was caressing my penis through my knickers and was laying behind me, I was so worked up, I knew it was time, I reached around and pulled my knickers away from my bum, felt the hot tip of his erection against my anus, it was like an electric shock. He pushed it in.
The pain was awful, he was so big, but I was so aroused that I pushed back onto him the initial pain gradually subsiding and then he was fucking me and I loved it.
We had a sexual relationship until I was 18 and went to University but we remained close friends and had sex when I returned. He was very generous and bought all my clothes and also helped with my uni' funding. I am 39 now and quite a woman with well developed breasts.
I have boyfriends, all married and a lot older than me and they love me for what I provide for them.
I have my own place, a great job in fashion media which enables me to be the man in women's clothes I always wanted to be.
I still become very aroused when dressed in my silky lingerie, a nice blouse, a floaty skirt and walking about in public, its very naughty.

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  • You are a very naughty girl and so hot. Just thinking about you and what I would like to do with you makes my blood pressure leap. Please give me more details about yourself, what you wear and if possible some of your experiences.
    I am an older divorced man with a penchant for she males.
    An admirer.

  • Well sweetie, You would really love me!!!! I'm 37 years old with a pair of perky 38b breasts which adore nestling in lacy balcony bras. I am athletic with long sexy legs that look gorgeous in dark nylon stockings. The sensual feeling I get when I pull my silky French knickers up my legs is amazing and my penis becomes erect as I'm doing it. I also like vintage nylon slips with lots of saucy lace.
    I have long hair which I tie back in a pony-tail. I have had voice training which has removed most deep sounds. I am totally clean shaven.
    I love going to pubs cafes and restaurants flirting and showing a lot of leg and its surprising what a lot of interest I get!!
    One of my boyfriends, James, stayed over at my place on Friday night and I dressed specially for him in my pink and white lacy nylon negligee, stockings, suspenders and silk white French knickers as it really turns him on. He spent most of the night buggering me and I cannot remember how many times he ejaculated but it took ages for me to shower his cum from inside my bum in the morning!!!! He is such a darling, with a "stiffy" shaped like a banana and it really reaches the parts, so to speak.
    Anyway, all for now, except to say that I am sitting here in my panties and bra and feeling very horny!!!!

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