ohh yes he says i could eat that in a heart beat i looked at him and he could see under my dress ...have you ever had sex out in the woods i exclaimed no there's no one around how bout it i laughed .... he laid down on the seat of pick nick table and said come and sit on my face i raised my dress and sat on his face i couldn't believe i was doing it ( my husband is not an oral person) but it felt good what Jack was doing it didn't take long before i got off a nice strong orgasm i grinded his mouth and nose like a i said his raging hard on was impressive he laid me down on the table i spread my legs and he entered me even though i was well lubricated his cock was a good tight and deep fit after a few minutes hard deep thrusts he went off like a rocket, pushing his cock all in and pumping all his sperm deep in my pussy.. when he pulled out and i raised my self from the table a gush of cum just squirted out of me like a water fall.. i held my summer dress up and cum was dripping out of me down booth sides of my legs ... i went in the cabin to clean my self up.. when my husband called to check on things .. i told him it was going well, jack had replaced the water heater etc etc etc... my sister also called asking how the cabin was since it had been four years since anyone had used it .. she had taking mom from the nursing home for the weekend ... it was Saturday my husband was playing golf and would come up on Sunday to help .. all day Saturday after i good fuck my vagina was throbbing i couldn't stand it .. so i told Jack that he broke my vagina... he laughed and said, no it's the pussy needing another fuck and laughed i was still not wearing panties so i spread my legs and open my lips and i was wet as hell what are you going to do about it i told Jack ... he grabs my hand leads to the cabin throws me on the bed and gets between my legs and starts eating me once again pulls his shorts down and enters me deep i raise my legs up to get his full penetration and shortly after i pull him in grinding my pussy on his cock i get off once again i tell him not to cum in me so i don't leak out every where he pulls out brings to my face and sticks his huge cock in my mouth he pumps all of it into my mouth i struggled to handle his huge load but i didn't complain ( i had never swallowed cum usually spit it out and had never sucked my on pussy juices from a cock}.. I cleared my throat after swallowing the salty gooey sperm ... wow that was different i tell him ... does your pussy feel better he asks i laughed and say yes my vagina feels contented ... your penis helped out and laughed ,,,i after showering and eating supper ( a cpl of sandwiches ) we find out propane needs refilling ... it must had been around 3 am when my vagina wakes me up throbbing and pulsating no i say to myself this can't be happening i get up and go to the kitchen to get it off my mine but my vagina feels swollen , i look at Jack sleeping on the couch and stare at him .. some how he wakes up and says what's wrong? i look at him and open my robe exposing myself .. he laughs and says tell me... well my vagina needs help again....nope i don't want to hear the Word vagina again.... dam it Jack my pussy needs a good fuck again he motions me over to sit on his face i had no problem doing it i really had huge orgasm once again sending my juices into his sinuses this time .. i reached for his cock and sat on it taking it all in full body slamming down on his cock till he shot all his cum all inside me... after cleaning up we fell asleep .. when Sunday morning came my husband arrived around 10ish we were still cleaning the cabin out and chopping wood for the fire place quick Jack calls out put your panties back on your husband his coming up the road .. i had trouble finding them i had no idea where I'd left them ... well now, the cabin looks like normal again what can i help with .. i tell him we need a few more supplies including the propane tanks refilled ... ok he would ride into town and get him while we finished cleaning up... i thought my fun was over for that day but when he left and i saw him leave the dirt road and without saying a word i walked up to Jack pulled his shorts down and sucked his cock till it got nice and hard .. dam it i tell him i want this cock bad now give it to me he grabs my head and fucks my mouth i rub my pussy till i cum he explodes in my mouth causing me to gag on the massive amount .. wow i turned into a cum crazed whore and i loved it ... after we left the cabin jack being my brother in law we have gotten together plenty of times for some good penetrating sex.. although i've learned to say and use the words cock and pussy when we fuck and i feel that my se life has improved 100 % since then


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I was 12 when my lace flowered panties that matched my cute little yellow sundress got left behind just off the forest path near my house. Maybe I shouldn't have drank wine coolers for my first time with three really cute fifteen year old boys? That wasn't the only flower that got left there...l did go back to get my panties the next morning.

  • Very nice , if you need a handyman my 8 incher is available

  • That was horrible! Obviously written by a man stop writing as a woman. Women don't say I have a broken vagina wow.

  • Now hold on there buddy...... your wrong on that statement ... if you were taught never to use fowl language and then you move out into the real world ... you see where I'm coming from?

  • You'r dreaming if you think women are posting here! At least real women aren't here.

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