I want to be caught

I’m a married guy and I love my wife and our sex life is pretty great but I’m obsessed with masturbating. I’ve always love to masturbate and my wife just isn’t the same which is fine but I wish she would do it with me. Anyway, we live in a townhome and there are apartments where windows are facing our back sliding glass door and kitchen window and if anyone looks out they can see directly into our kitchen and living room. Well, one day my wife was gone and I had the place to myself so, of course I seize the opportunity to have a little naughty time. Now usually I play in my bedroom or shower but that day I was feeling more adventurous and decide to have fun on the couch. So, I sit on the couch and pull up some porn on my phone. I usually watch masturbation videos. Especially mutual and group masturbation videos. Those get me going pretty fast. I’ve always wanted to masturbate with friends or in a group setting. Well, it didn’t take too long before I was getting into it. My cock was getting hard and I slid a hand down my pants and started rubbing. I’m not circumcised so I like to play with my foreskin and it feels ohh so good. Then I start getting really into it and take my pants off and my shirt. I was naked on the couch and I got some lube and put it all over. I love being really lubed up stroking my cock letting my foreskin slide back and forth over the head of my penis and stroking the length of my shaft and it makes me rock hard. I love bringing myself right to the point of cumming and then stopping. It sends waves of pleasure through your whole body!! Well after about 20-30 minutes of playing and stroking my cock I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m so close to cumming I start stroking as fast as I can and have a huge orgasm!! I came all over my chest and had cum dripping down the shaft of my penis.
Well here is where things got interesting. I stand up off the couch and head to the kitchen to grab a towel and clean up when I notice that I hadn’t quite closed the blinds to my sliding glass door all the way!! I look out and right across the street there is a neighbor woman looking out her window into my living room straight at me!!! (I should mention that it was an older woman probably in her late 40’s or early 50’s so not a kid) I immediately felt panic. Here I am naked, cock still hard, cum dripping off my penis and running down my chest. Would she call the cops? Report it to my HOA? I ran into the kitchen (where the blinds were closed) cleaned all the cum off of me and got dressed. I looked back out the window and she was gone. Well, once the panic died down I was thinking about the whole thing and I realized it was really turning me on knowing I had just given a stranger a pretty good masturbation show. (The thought of masturbating for a stranger or being watched/caught masturbating has always been a huge turn on.) Ever since that happened I can’t shake the desire to do it again! I’ve masturbated several more times thinking about her watching me. I really want it to happen again! I keep an eye out to see if she is ever there looking out her window but, so far I haven’t seen her at all. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else? If so did you like it? Did anything bad happen? Did anything come of it? And does anyone have any suggestions to help make this happen again cause I really really want it to. Thanks!!


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  • She probably saw you naked as you were going past the door but didn't see you masturbate. Since it was during the day, she probably couldn't see to your couch where you were but she probably saw you when you walked by. You also didn't tell us the distance between where she was and where you were, except that it was across the street, which would be at least fifteen to twenty feet. Can you see her couch or into her living room from your back porch during the day?

  • So I forgot to mention that her window across the “street” is more like an alleyway. So, maybe 15 feet away and elevated. I’m at ground level and she is on the 2nd floor. And yes if I look over to her window I can see in pretty clearly. I can see things like her ceiling fan, floor lamp Etc.

  • Let me add that she said that if you knew she was watching, she probably would be embarrassed. The key point is that some women may want to watch if they don't know that people know they're watching, giving them anonymity. She said that if you walked up to her at a party or something, whipped it out and started stroking if front of her, she'd be offended and consider it sexual assault.

  • That is a very valid point! She didn’t call the cops or move out of sight. And yes that would definitely be assault! I never considered the anonymity aspect of this as well! It’s wonderful to have a woman’s point of view on this so thanks again! So, just an update I did see her back at her window again the other day!! I instantly got excited and wanted to replay the whole scenario, It was all I could do not to give into that urge!! I was looking out my window and she was looking right into mine again and I’m pretty sure she noticed that I saw her because as quickly as I looked away and then glanced back she was gone. So that makes sense that she is not wanting me to know she is there. Now I’m thinking of ways I could be a little more sneaky too see if she is trying to do a little spying. If she is, I’m really hoping she is wanting to see more naked masturbation time. which I’m more than happy to oblige! Thanks and Again any suggestions are most appreciated!!

  • Well, then I suppose the next time she sees you out on the street, she'll be thinking, "Oh, there he is. I can't believe I watched that guy jack off." Notice that she didn't call the cops of move out of your line of sight. I asked my wife about this. She said that if she saw you doing this and no one knew she was watching, she would probably at least watch you finish out of curiosity and that it might turn her on "a little bit."

  • Find a place in your house, or in your yard, where you can jerk it for the neighbor lady, on a regular basis. Like, even when the wife is home. That's what I did for an older neighbor lady, and she eventually, flashed me back. We enjoyed that setup for three or four years.

  • Lucky!! I would love to have a neighbor like that! I also would love a private outside spot to get naked and masturbate for her but, Unfortunately I have no real yard and anything outside on say like my back porch is completely exposed to other neighbors and the neighboring apartment building where she is. Again the only place in my house to masturbate where she could have the potential to watch is my living room couch. Not exactly private but it does somewhat limit any other people besides her (and one other window next to hers which I think is a different apartment) that might see and possibly take offense. Might have to brainstorm and get creative. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!!

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