Masturbation Confessions

Caught by a Neighbor Part 2

I often wonder how other people masturbate. Some times I go online watch cam 2 cam sites ... it is a thrill to show off and watch others cum. My wife almost was caught by the exterminator masturbating on the couch one day. She thought she was all alone and sat back, legs open and starting rubbing her clit. She saw his shape outside the window as... [more]

Do you like watching men cumming?

I am not gay...but watching a guy busting a big but while stroking his cock makes me hard. Does watching someone pleasuring themselves get you excited?

Husband opinions please

Why do men feel the need to masturbate when their wives are more than willing to fuck? My husband prefers to beat one off in front of porn than just come fuck me? He knows I always am eager for it, but he wants sex every Monday only. I think it's pure laziness so he doesn't have to go through all the foreplay etc??? I would more than happily fuck... [more]

Caught by Neighbor

I have a recurring fantasy that involves me at home alone masturbating to some homemade video my wife stars in. It begins with her stripping, masturbating and ultimately us fucking with her begging for it harder. A male neighbor accidentally drops something in my backyard and comes over, hears the tv on and steps on the deck to look through the... [more]

Caught masterbating (girl) by dad, what should I do?

The other day I thought I had the house to myself and was feeling pretty horny, so decided to masterbate. I was on my bed daydreaming listening to music and had been kinda grinding a pillow, which I guess is why I was horny in the first place. Iaid ony front, I slipped a hand inside my jeans and panties and just started stroking myself.
It did... [more]

Awkward moment with grandma

Early 20s i was staying with grandma and after some time i started to peek in while she was sleeping. It stared kinda by accident but grew. As i creep in i notice she was lying on her back this is rare, i shut the door. Its now dark only the light through the window i rest my hand on her sholder to test if deep asleep, nothing, i slide my hand... [more]

Hot for sister in laws!

I have been fantasizing about my sister in laws for 20 years. I like to photoshop their faces onto porn pics and masturbate to them. Sometimes I just look at their facebook pics while I masturbate. It's even more of a turn-on when I see them because they have no idea what I think of them!

Masturbating with other people

I have always wanted to masturbate with other people. I have always had a really high sex drive and I can masturbate several times in one day. I have always had a fantasy of masturbating with friends, or strangers, guys or girls. A on one situation or with a group of people. I also have an exhibitionist side that loves the idea of being watched... [more]

I have to masturbate while I'm driving and hope to get caught

I have to masturbate almost constantly when driving somewhere of a significant distance. Whether it's with a vibrator, a dildo, or just manually. I find myself needing to get off when driving a decent distance (to have time to get it done) and I want to get caught, so I try to.

Little sister watches me jerk it

My sister and I live together to share expenses and such. We’re both in our early 20s now. When we were teens she once caught me masturbating to porn. She said she wouldn’t mention it only if I allowed her to watch.
It surprised me how much more fulfilling it was masturbating in front of her rather than using porn. It reached a point where if I... [more]

Caught by the neighbor Part 2

Have you ever fantasized about catching someone masturbating? I have a hot fantasy of seeing someone through a window or finding their nude pictures online. Someone watching me would be a huge turn on and I use that to get hard when I need to.

JO to girlfriend's sexual past

Sometimes when drunk, my girlfriend will tell me about past sexual encounters, after I press her a bit. Some of those occasions included her dating a guy in his late 30s, when she was only 16. They met online, then started seeing each other in person.
It looked like an act of rebellion and maturity to her, but probably that guy was just... [more]

I peeped on my stepdaughter naked.

Ever sense my Thirty One year old stepdaughter was eighteen i peeped on her when she was completely alone, unaware and make. I even sniffed her dirty panties and got off to her feminine odor. The first time I peeped on her she was in her old bedroom. I peeked through her old bedroom door hole with my pants down jerking off. I saw her drying off... [more]

Mother's knickers

This was quite a while ago. My Mother was getting ready to go out for the evening when I saw her leaving the bathroom and couldn't believe my eyes. She was wearing sexy underwear that made me instantly rock hard. She was wearing a black see through bra that just about contained her big breasts as they bounced along as she walked (I could clearly... [more]

La Femme Ankening

I have always masturbated by leg pressure ( lying on my side with my penis and testicles pressed as far as possible up between my thighs and hanging out the back, then moving my outer leg up and down to place pressure on my penis base) it is such a nice way to masturbate called Ankening.
About seven months ago I got into wearing panties all the... [more]

Play with myself in class

I'm in 7th grade and i masturbate alot. Sometimes i play with my pussy in class. I put my backpack on my lap and you cant see my hand. Theres 2 guys that i like and their both in the same class. My teacher is hot also, so sometimes i think about any of them.

My Breasts

When I masturbate my favorite thing to do is mess with my boobs, with special attention to my nipples. I want so bad for a man to suck on them, sqeeze them, and pinch my nipples. When having sex I want the man I'm with to focus on just them for a while before continuing over the rest of my body. I can't wait until I'm under or over the man that's... [more]


Hi.Im a 28 year old married mum of 2.Ever since I joined the gym I've started having wild sex fantasies about some of the guys there.One of the guys is a personal trainer who works there,he's a hot looking cute black guy.I have masturbated and thought of him fucking me on many occasions.I've fantasized about actual scenarios where I cheat on my... [more]

Daughter was caught out

Hi All I came home from taking my son to cricket and found my daughter pulling up her pants in my Bedroom
Her excuse was she was trying Her mums clothes on
Any way I walked away as I was embarrassed at what I found
she left the room shortly after
After a minUte I went back in to my room to find that my wife’s sex toy bag was opened and... [more]

Sperm eating encouragement

So this post is going to be a bit long but well worth the read. So here we go!
I have always loved masturbating!! It’s almost an obsession how much I love it and love talking about it! But, I have always wanted to try eating my own cum. I would get horny and think about it over and over. I would get so hard and think “ok this time is going to... [more]


Ive always loved masturbating. I always had a towel or a dirt etc. for clean up. But I’ve recently found out that I love to cum directly into the blankets on the bed or a soft sheet and feeling the wetness against my skin. Does anyone else enjoy this too??

Question For The Men

Have you ever used your wife's dildo in your own ass while she was away? If so, how was it?

How much masterbation is ok for a girl?

Hey, I'm a 19 yo girl, single, but i have occasional one nighters or hook ups with friends, otherwise it's just me. I feel like maybe i masterbate too much, but it's one of those subjects no one talks about so i don't know.
I usually wake up horny, and a bit wet, and can't help slipping my hand in my PJs for a play. When I've cum it's right in... [more]

Park jerk off (2)

As I mentioned before in a post about masturbating at a trail head parking lot, yesterday I actually brought the dildo with me.
I left work around noon and took the drive up the hill to the park parking lot. It was kinda of a hot day but not as it has been. When I drove down the gravel road towards the parking I saw that the park ranger was... [more]

Is it ok to use your sisters panties to masterbate?

Like all boys I jerk off now and then, I have not had full sex yet, so it's all I have.
Because we live at home, my mum does the laundry for me and my sister, and delivers neat piles of clean laundry to our rooms.
A couple of days ago I got a pair of my sister's panties by mistake. I had never held a pair of girls panties so was drawn to them... [more]

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