Masturbation Confessions

Husband opinions please

Why do men feel the need to masturbate when their wives are more than willing to fuck? My husband prefers to beat one off in front of porn than just come fuck me? He knows I always am eager for it, but he wants sex every Monday only. I think it's pure laziness so he doesn't have to go through all the foreplay etc??? I would more than happily fuck... [more]

Caught masterbating (girl) by dad, what should I do?

The other day I thought I had the house to myself and was feeling pretty horny, so decided to masterbate. I was on my bed daydreaming listening to music and had been kinda grinding a pillow, which I guess is why I was horny in the first place. Iaid ony front, I slipped a hand inside my jeans and panties and just started stroking myself.
It did... [more]

Hot for sister in laws!

I have been fantasizing about my sister in laws for 20 years. I like to photoshop their faces onto porn pics and masturbate to them. Sometimes I just look at their facebook pics while I masturbate. It's even more of a turn-on when I see them because they have no idea what I think of them!

I have to masturbate while I'm driving and hope to get caught

I have to masturbate almost constantly when driving somewhere of a significant distance. Whether it's with a vibrator, a dildo, or just manually. I find myself needing to get off when driving a decent distance (to have time to get it done) and I want to get caught, so I try to.

My Breasts

When I masturbate my favorite thing to do is mess with my boobs, with special attention to my nipples. I want so bad for a man to suck on them, sqeeze them, and pinch my nipples. When having sex I want the man I'm with to focus on just them for a while before continuing over the rest of my body. I can't wait until I'm under or over the man that's... [more]

Play with myself in class

I'm in 7th grade and i masturbate alot. Sometimes i play with my pussy in class. I put my backpack on my lap and you cant see my hand. Theres 2 guys that i like and their both in the same class. My teacher is hot also, so sometimes i think about any of them.

How much masterbation is ok for a girl?

Hey, I'm a 19 yo girl, single, but i have occasional one nighters or hook ups with friends, otherwise it's just me. I feel like maybe i masterbate too much, but it's one of those subjects no one talks about so i don't know.
I usually wake up horny, and a bit wet, and can't help slipping my hand in my PJs for a play. When I've cum it's right in... [more]

Park jerk off (2)

As I mentioned before in a post about masturbating at a trail head parking lot, yesterday I actually brought the dildo with me.
I left work around noon and took the drive up the hill to the park parking lot. It was kinda of a hot day but not as it has been. When I drove down the gravel road towards the parking I saw that the park ranger was... [more]


Going to take a chance here. Maybe the right guy will read this and respond. I am a masculine mature married man. White in good shape. I travel with my job quite often and stay in nice hotels.
I have a huge anal fetish and I love to play with toys or other things. I always have and enjoy it very much when the mood strikes me. I have quite a... [more]

I let 5th grade girls watch me masturbate and cum!

I let 5th grade girls watch me masturbate and cum!
They would walk by my house on their way home from school and I would strip nude and masturbate so they could see me. They watched me masturbate every day. One day they were watching me masturbate and then started to walk away so I said, 'Don't go away, come back and watch me cum!". They heard... [more]

Solo Sexual

On another site I described my profile as male solo sexual. Then I discovered the meaning is to prefer masturbation to sex. I promptly changed it to straight as I love sex. But I must confess, I masturbate much more than having sex!

Do you masturbate at work?

Just curious, male or female, do you or have you masturbated at work? If you have, how often and how do you do it?
I sit in a somewhat secluded corner of the office. Sometimes I'll pull my cock out and play with it under my desk. Sometimes cumming right there. Other times I'll sneak off to the restroom or locker room. I do it at least once a... [more]

My daughter's phone

My daughter left her phone when she left for school. I've seen her put in her code before. I did some snooping. Shes been sexting two boys. I think she gets her dirty mind from me. When I looked through her photos I saw more than I expected. I've now seen way more of her than I expected.
I've used her dirty panties to masturbate before. Now I... [more]

Desperate for phone sex

So horny I'm desperate for a man 6p+ to let me call him. So horny.

I don't know what to do, I'm so confused

So a couple of days ago I had just come home from school, and usually before I go hang out with my friends I masturbate. I don't really have any sex toys but I've been using my chemistry set test tube, so I went in my room and the first thing I did was lie on my bed and start to play with myself. And I look over and realize that my mom's boyfriend... [more]

I love jerking off to story's I see on here

I visit this site almost daily, looking for storys to wank off to, sadly it's not always updated but sometimes I can find a random hot steamy story to cum to, so please people keep them cumming!!! bthe hotter the better......

Chronic Masturbator

I have always been a masturbator I never gave it up when most guys do. I just got married 3 months ago and I still am masturbating. In fact I am masturbating more than having sex with my wife. Should I tell her I have tried to give it up and I can't?


17 female what are some ways different things I can use or techniques etc to masturbate? I wanna try experimenting with different stuff

Female masterbation tips wanted (from girls)

Hi, I am Holly, I am 23, newly single and rediscovering masterbation. I don't always orgasm, but do usually with sex, and I think it's because masterbation lacks the excitement.
I want to hear from other girls what techniques you have tried and what works. I am willing to be brave, and a friend has already suggested I touch my bum hole, but not... [more]

Step daughters panties

When I was married I woukd go into my step daughters room n take out a pair of her thongs n jerk off in them I got so rock hard n pre cum leaked out but when I came I shot harder n thicker then I have ever done befor my step woukd walk around house in tee n panties no bra n her tiny pink nipples sticking out n seeing out line of her thongs made... [more]

Please send pictures and videos

I love to watch men and lemon masturbate !!!? If there is anyone out there who send me a video of themselves masturbating I would be most grateful. Thank you.

Caught naked for a long time

I always had an obsession of being outdoors naked. I'm a 22 year old girl of Japanese/Portuguese descent now, so let your mind wander at what I look like. I was 15 when I got caught.
We lived on 12 acres, out in the woods. I used to sneak out at night and walk. I loved the smells of the forest, and I was never scared. I began to touch myself... [more]

Morning erection

My fascination and celebration of my morning errection started when I was about 16 years old. I had these roving morning errections from a very young age and can remember restless early morning experiences even at age 10 or 11. I started masturbating at age 14 which is a story for another time but mostly did so after school. At age 16 a friend... [more]

Lots of lady Cum

I just came I don't know how many times watching a puffy pussy get stuffed with a dildo while a big cock was rammed all the way into her ass. It's so nice to see someone take it and enjoy it. My husband won't give me anal, but I'm going to see my escort this weekend and just might get some then. In the meantime my cunt is wet and warm, so juicy... [more]

Morning Rub

Cumming makes me horny. It's morning and I'm going to cum in a few minutes. I'm going to have to take lots of bathroom breaks today because I'm going to need it again and again. I am so wet right now. Typing with one finger. Rubbing with one finger. I'm so wet though I really need someone to lick me up. I know I'll get someone to lick me soon... [more]

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