Masturbation Confessions

I let my daughter catch me masturbating

I have an 11yo daughter who is becoming curious about sex and discovering her body. We've had the "sex talk" and she knows how all the parts fit together. Recently I caught her masturbating and I gave her the old "it's normal and natural" talk, but she seemed to be really embarrassed.
My wife was out one night and it was just me and my... [more]

Masturbating while my husband sleeps beside me.

I've been married for a few years now. My husband, for a guy, is kind of prudish and old-fashioned. I didn't even know that was possible until I married him, but, anyway. I have so many fantasies I would love to play out in the bedroom, but I know he will think I've lost my mind, or that I'm too slutty or something. He's seriously THAT boring... [more]

My aunt caght me

When I was young, about 16, I was visiting and staying at my aunt and uncles house. My cousins were grown so I was sleeping in my cousins room and became extremely horny. It had been a while since I had relieved myself and I felt like if I didn't masturbate my testicles were going to explode. I was very self conscious and didn't want to use the... [more]

My Niece's First Facial

My 13-yr old niece comes to the house from school where her mum would pick
her up 2 hrs later due to work travel time. Sometimes I would pick her up from school.
One time I was driving, I had some random erotic fantasies going that had nothing to
do with her and I got a tight erection sprouting up my slacks.
It was pleasurably... [more]

Mastrubating for wife's friends

I came home after work one Friday last month, and my wife had 3 of her girl friends over. They were all sloppy drunk. My wife said that they were talking about watching their husbands/boyfriends masturbating and one of her friends told her about watching me masturbate a couple of months ago
I had gotten out of the shower, and I pretended that I... [more]

My Niece Walked In On Me

I'm a 45-yr old guy who likes to pleasure himself. I'm a home nudist when I can be alone, even for just a few hours.
One day, I got home from day shift and got online for a quickie before my wife & my very pretty 15-yr old niece (wife's side) arrived. I was sitting naked in front of the PC and was stroking my aching cock to a teen striptease... [more]

I stole my sisters dildo

I should start by saying im a guy, and im not really good with writing.
I enjoyed listening to my sister masturbate and have sex. I would snoop though her room from time to time hoping to find something.
Well one day while while snooping i found her dildo. Its 9 inches long and about 6 inches around. I was so turned on when found it that i... [more]

Bad babysitter

Last night I babysat for a friend of mine who's regular babysitter couldn't make it so I accepted the job. After all we all need money right.
Everything went regular as clock work till they came home and very apparent that they had been drinking and he offered to drive me home and he payed me more than what was agreed upon. I got my things... [more]

Have you ever seen a horse cum?

My friend has a field and stables on said field and she keeps a number of rescue horses and donkeys on it. I often go out and help her muck out and stuff. btw we are both females in our 40s.
The other day when I went round there and she told me she wanted to show me something! She went up to one of the male horses and started rubbing his dick... [more]

Watched her With Her Dog Through the Window

As I walked from my garage to the house very late last night I saw a dim light on and some movement in my neighbor's sun room at the back of their house. When I looked closer I could see the wife lying on her back on a lounger with what appeared to be a towel or robe draped across her lower legs. Her arms and hands were up on the arm rests and... [more]

Highschool Panties

Im a teacher at my local high school, during one of our fire drills, we were short one student. I volunteered to locate her since she was in my PE class. I rentered the blaring school. I first checked the workout room, gym, bathroom, then I got to the only place left in the PE wing, the girls changeroom. I knocked first, then entered. Nothing but... [more]

My sister liked this

Me and my sister were bored as hell with no one to hang out with one rainy day last summer. I was was horny and went to jerk off in private. My sister kind of knew what I was up to and walked in, caught me red handed. She asked me if she could jerk me off she wanted to see a dick shoot cum. I let her do it. She got a nice handful of my cum. I sked... [more]

Trying to video sister

I had tried for weeks to get my sister on hidden camera in her room with no success, I wanted to get a video of her playing with herself. I had hours of nothing, just her changing and stuff like that. One day I was fast forwarding through some video and my mom came on the screen doing her normal picking up of clothes and stuff. The camera was... [more]

My two female cousins

My 2 cousins babysat for me when I was 28.
I had had 2 daughters before then.
I always made sure I came home earlier than my now ex-wife.
She went out with her friends and I went out with mine.
After drinking for 3 and a half hours I walked back to where I lived.
Where Shirley and Brenda my cousins had babysat my daughters.
I couldn't help... [more]

Masturbated with wife's best friend

My wife has a friend Amy. They went to school together, had kids the same age, married & divorced.
Amy is a tall blond nice looking but flat out crazy! I was working on her house after her husband left & almost broke my neck tripping over a pair of her panties in her bedroom. No one was home so i wrapped the panties around my cock, stroking... [more]

Mom in law

I pretended to be asleep in the living room well my mom in law was cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. I was wearing tight boxers with the hArdest erection of my life. I pulled my 9inch (almost 10inches for that moment) dick out and stuck it strAight in the air. She walked in and watched for at least 5 minutes until I couldn't resist but to... [more]

Teen years

When I was in high school my friend and I would spend the night at each others house off and on but just about once a month. One night we were laying in bed after lights out as my dad would announce to us. We were whispering and she asked me if I had ever had an orgasm, I was a little surprised at her question but told her I have many times. I... [more]

Teen babysitter panties

We used to have a girl in her mid-teens babysit for us. She had quite large tits for her age and was perfectly thick without being fat at all. At fifteen you would think she was about 18. I had fantasized about her for weeks. One day when she came over she begged my wife to let her relax in the hot tub alone. So babysitter changes into her bathing... [more]

Caught Masterbating

It was after school today and I called my uncle and he was in a different town at that moment so I decided to masterbate. I was looking at gay furries on my phone. I was masterbating with my eyes closed and all of a sudden I here a whistle and a voice saying I'm back. I just froze and he was staring at me. I was really embarrassed and covered up... [more]

Caught by Mom

When I really got into masturbation, I did it a couple of times a day and sometimes in situations where I might get caught. One evening I was in the bathroom on my knees, up against the laundry basket beating my meat into a pair of my sister's panties when the door swung open and it was my mom! I tried to hold back, but it was too late; squirts... [more]

My Pretty 13 Year Old Neighbor Watched Me Masturbate and Cum!

I knew as soon as I saw her beautiful blonde haired blue eyed face approaching that she was coming to watch me masturbate and cum. I stripped nude as she was walking towards me and my dick was hard already! She stood in front of me watching me masturbate. She was so gorgeous and sweet, she really let me take my time masturbating. I knew that she... [more]

I didnt know my roomates girlfriend was home watching me jackoff

I was waking up after a hard night of drinking with some friends . I thought everyone had left, cause the night b4 they about going to the beach. So i woke up thinking i had the house to myself for awhile. And we only get the porno channels in the living room. I didnt hear any noise, so i strip naked and strutted in the livingroom hard and... [more]

Busted My Nephew

My nephew was recently house sitting for us while we were on vacation. We decided to come home a day early and forgot to call. When we got home I walked upstairs and went into my room where I found my nephew wearing my stained pantyhose and sniffing filthy panties as he jerked his cock. I screamed and shut the door immediately in case my husband... [more]

Caught masturbating

I was spending a week ay my aunts during summer break my aunt walked in the guest room I was laying back on the bed naked and was stroking my cock. my aunt lynn is 10 years older than me when I first went to spend time with her on of the first things I noticed was a penthouse letters magazine on her coffee table. that night I borrowed it went to... [more]

Masturbation Time

Last night, I had sex with my stepsister. I was really horny and decided to masturbate. I felt SO good. Then I started having an ejaculation. I didn't want semen all over the place. So I like having sex with my stepsister. So without her knowledge, I put my penis in her vigina. She woke up and silently screamed at me. Then she decided to go on and... [more]

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