Masturbation Confessions

My Pretty 13 Year Old Neighbor Watched Me Masturbate and Cum!

I knew as soon as I saw her beautiful blonde haired blue eyed face approaching that she was coming to watch me masturbate and cum. I stripped nude as she was walking towards me and my dick was hard already! She stood in front of me watching me masturbate. She was so gorgeous and sweet, she really let me take my time masturbating. I knew that she... [more]

I let 5th grade girls watch me masturbate and cum!

I let 5th grade girls watch me masturbate and cum!
They would walk by my house on their way home from school and I would strip nude and masturbate so they could see me. They watched me masturbate every day. One day they were watching me masturbate and then started to walk away so I said, 'Don't go away, come back and watch me cum!". They heard... [more]

I love jerking off to story's I see on here

I visit this site almost daily, looking for storys to wank off to, sadly it's not always updated but sometimes I can find a random hot steamy story to cum to, so please people keep them cumming!!! bthe hotter the better......

I love to masturbate in front of women

I love to masturbate in front of women because I love the embarrassment and shame of having them watch me masturbate and cum. I only do it in front of women that I respect and who are beautiful.

It felt so good to be stripped nude and have my prick out for her

I would strip nude and masturbate in front of my pretty neighbor every day. She would walk by while I was masturbating and I would cum when she looked at me. My cum would squirt out 5 or 6 feet several times while she watched. She was so beautiful wearing a dress and high heels every day... I would cum so hard! It felt so good to be stripped nude... [more]

Caught naked for a long time

I always had an obsession of being outdoors naked. I'm a 22 year old girl of Japanese/Portuguese descent now, so let your mind wander at what I look like. I was 15 when I got caught.
We lived on 12 acres, out in the woods. I used to sneak out at night and walk. I loved the smells of the forest, and I was never scared. I began to touch myself... [more]

My daughter's phone

My daughter left her phone when she left for school. I've seen her put in her code before. I did some snooping. Shes been sexting two boys. I think she gets her dirty mind from me. When I looked through her photos I saw more than I expected. I've now seen way more of her than I expected.
I've used her dirty panties to masturbate before. Now I... [more]

Do you like watching men cumming?

I am not gay...but watching a guy busting a big but while stroking his cock makes me hard. Does watching someone pleasuring themselves get you excited?

My sister liked this

Me and my sister were bored as hell with no one to hang out with one rainy day last summer. I was was horny and went to jerk off in private. My sister kind of knew what I was up to and walked in, caught me red handed. She asked me if she could jerk me off she wanted to see a dick shoot cum. I let her do it. She got a nice handful of my cum. I sked... [more]

Mastrubating for wife's friends

I came home after work one Friday last month, and my wife had 3 of her girl friends over. They were all sloppy drunk. My wife said that they were talking about watching their husbands/boyfriends masturbating and one of her friends told her about watching me masturbate a couple of months ago
I had gotten out of the shower, and I pretended that I... [more]

Eating cum and pussy juice

I am sure many women masturbate whilst their husband sleeps beside them but I have discovered that I love the taste of his cum oozing back out of my pussy.
Whilst I used to clean myself up after sex I now just lie there feeling his cum inside me a trying to hold it in until he falls asleep. When he does I can relax and I have developed a way... [more]

Bad babysitter

Last night I babysat for a friend of mine who's regular babysitter couldn't make it so I accepted the job. After all we all need money right.
Everything went regular as clock work till they came home and very apparent that they had been drinking and he offered to drive me home and he payed me more than what was agreed upon. I got my things... [more]


I'm 26 and been in the mood lately where all I want to do is spend an entire day jacking off and cumming over & over & over again. Or if only I could get fucked.

Pregnant wife sleeping orgasm

My wife is due to give birth in 8 weeks. Sex has been off the menu for months now and I'm constantly horny. Last night she slept with her pillow between her legs to make herself comfortable, she sleeps this way with her back to me most nights due to the weight of the baby. I was just falling asleep when I nudged the pillow with my knee by accident... [more]

Have you ever seen a horse cum?

My friend has a field and stables on said field and she keeps a number of rescue horses and donkeys on it. I often go out and help her muck out and stuff. btw we are both females in our 40s.
The other day when I went round there and she told me she wanted to show me something! She went up to one of the male horses and started rubbing his dick... [more]

I fantasize about burning girls at the stake!

I was 8 the first time I realized I had this fire thing.
I masturbated for the first time after seeing the movie "Twins of Evil".
It opens with a beautiful young girl being dragged from her house by witch hunters and she is burned at the stake.
The sight of this girl wiggling and screaming as the flames closed in on her gave me a raging hard on... [more]

Making dinner and myself happy

This is my confession and only I know. When I get home from work I make dinner for my husband most of the time he wants a salad with his dinner well I make him a salad, but before I do I take the cucumber and masturbate with it cut it up and put it on the salad. Well here's my other confession most of the time his best friend comes over for... [more]

I love my pleasure machine

I know a lot of you will find this story hard to believe based on what I have read on here already but here goes. I am a woman and almost 30 years old, 5'4", 105 lbs, I am an engineer for a major car manufacturer and really love to masturbate. I love sex, I look at porn and am pretty much a normal person by all accounts.
I live alone and last... [more]

Masturbating while my husband sleeps beside me.

I've been married for a few years now. My husband, for a guy, is kind of prudish and old-fashioned. I didn't even know that was possible until I married him, but, anyway. I have so many fantasies I would love to play out in the bedroom, but I know he will think I've lost my mind, or that I'm too slutty or something. He's seriously THAT boring... [more]

My Niece's First Facial

My 13-yr old niece comes to the house from school where her mum would pick
her up 2 hrs later due to work travel time. Sometimes I would pick her up from school.
One time I was driving, I had some random erotic fantasies going that had nothing to
do with her and I got a tight erection sprouting up my slacks.
It was pleasurably... [more]

Friendsds gfs shoes

I stayed at my friends a few months ago and everything was fine, During the night though I went to the toilet and noticed the boots his girlfriend had be wearing all day. Unable to help myself I started sniffing and kissing them. It was just going to be quick but then I spotted her running shoes, she runs all the time. they had a slight smell but... [more]

Brothers hard cock

So my last post ended with the first time I masturbated him and he wanted to do more but I told him time was an issue and he had to wait for tomorrow.
The next morning I woke up as usual when my mom was getting ready to go to work, she left and I was sitting in the living room watching tv. He walked out a little earlier than usual and stood at... [more]

Step daughter caught me

I woke up late one Saturday morning to an empty house. I got up, went to the bathroom and had something to eat. I got a text from my wife that her and the kids were out shopping. Our daughter and my step daughter and step son. My wife is a few years older than me so my step kids are older than our daughter. I am a 6 foot tall relatively fit and... [more]

I still jerk off to pictures of my sister.

It's been nearly 10 years since I found those pictures. She had them on her phone, and I stole them and copied them to my computer. Still to this day I get a rush when I look at them. Some days these pictures are all I need to get off.
That is my sister. I imagine what my dick would look like on her face. Her head bobbing on and down on my... [more]

My Daughter's Big Boobs

My beautiful wife Melissa was out of town on business, while my gorgeous 18-year-old daughter Reese was at her softball game. I decided to do a little bit of house cleaning on this wonderful Saturday. Tonight, my friends and I were getting together to watch a huge basketball game on TV.
As part of cleaning the house, I decided to do a little... [more]

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