I’ll admit, I’ve posted fake stories on this site before- who hasn’t. But finally, something genuinely happened to me that is worthy of being said on here. I’m a young guy and I’m really submissive, so this is a bdsm sort of thing if you don’t like that probably not gonna be good for u. Anyways he was ordering me to do stuff like send pics and vids, and then he told me to get my mums panties. I was thinking shit, this is not gonna go well. I had to get her dirty panties. He told me to describe them, so I said they were wet and they really stank because they did. He then told me to put it all in my mouth and lick it hard, and send it to him. At first I really didn’t want to, but I eventually did it. I licked out my mums pants. And then the worst part is that he made me livestream to him, me wearing thr pants and cumming inside of them, taking them off and licking and eating my own cum from them. Looking back I’m so happy because it sounds like what people post on here and it actually happened to me. I love it, but I lost the guy. I want another dominant person to order me about lol

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  • I believe this is your first fake story, since you admit your stories are fake. See what I did there..:)

  • He probably couldn't believe you actually did it XD TFFF

  • What an arsehole

  • Probably another lie.

  • I mean you’ll just have to take my word for it. Why would I post the story like this if it didn’t happen? Like it really did

  • I have not posted fake stories, either.

    I support you being submissive, but you still need to set some limits, this one is kind of "ewwww".

    Now you "lost the guy"? He probably recorded your live stream performance.

    Enjoy your sexual journey, but have some sense and protect your well being, too.

    Good luck.

  • Yeah fair enough, I just thought it was the only thing in my life that’s actually worthy of going on here. The reason so many stories on here are good is because they’re fake, I realised some are “eeew” because they really happened they’re flawed and imperfect

  • It was not "eeew" due to some flawed realism, but due to you involving your mother's panties. Gross.

  • I haven't posted fake stories, so how do we know this one is real. Why would you?

  • Why not right to the POTUS and ask him to adjudicate.He appears to consider himself the definitive arbiter on what is fake and what is real.

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