A corpse?

My wife Sam and I had been married about 5 years when it began. Our sex life had declined steadily until there didn't seem to be anything I could do to get her off.

Because I knew she wasn't interested in experiencing it anyway, I began fucking her when she was asleep. I would just slide her panties off and fuck her from whichever side she had facing me. Sometimes I would fuck her in the ass, and sometimes I would pull out and cum on her face. Her response was better than before: she never moved, but after a few minutes she would begin to moan, and if I ate her before I started fucking her I could get her to cum. She would still pretend she was asleep.

Then one night when I came to bed she was sitting up naked and said she wanted to talk. "I haven't really been asleep, you know," she said.

"I know," I said cautiously. "How do you feel about what I've been doing to you?"

"It's fucking amazing! Much better than it ever was with you before- sorry."
I ignored the implied insult and she continued.

"I'm almost there, Rick. You've actually made me cum sometimes doing those things to me. I want it all now." She was actually starting to breathe hard.

I was a little startled. I said, "What more do you want?"

She didn't hesitate. "I want you to fuck me like I'm dead, not sleeping." Then she looked away, a little embarrassed.

I was getting hard. "How would that be different from now?"

"I want you to find me naked on the bed, the floor, the bathtub...anywhere. Not necessarily in the house, either. Then without moving me I want you to shove your cock into my mouth until I can't breathe- I'll already be pretending I'm not breathing anyway. If you want you can shove it in my mouth while you pinch my nostrils shut- but not more than 10 or 15 seconds of that! Then spread my legs roughly and shove it in my pussy without lube, then roll me over and do the same in my ass. I won't move or make any sound, no matter what. Then cum wherever you want, smear it all over me, slap me or punch me, then put a sheet over my whole body and leave me there.

"After you've covered me up, you get dressed and leave the house- no matter what time it is- and don't come back for at least an hour. The other thing is, from now on you can't ever initiate sex in any way, no matter how horny you are- you just have to wait until you have a corpse to play with."

I was pretty amazed, but I managed to ask her, "Why, Sam? And why now?"

She said, "I've always wanted this, Rick, but I was too ashamed to tell you. And I was afraid I would get really hurt or even... But now I trust you a lot, and I know I will be safe with you.

"Will you try it with me? The next time I set myself up for you?"

"Of course, if that's what you want. But anytime you want me to quit, just tell me.

"I love you, Sam."

"I love you, Rick."


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  • If any of y’all want to talk to me personally about your fetishes I’ll be happy to share and be on the same page with someone my instagram is @luciferspussii ??

  • I love this post.. I would enjoy coming home to an object like her. On the one hand she is controlling when you have sex but you are unleashed in how you can use her. She doesn’t have to grapple with what she let you do... I would explore every kink you imagined when she offers this gift to you. You are lucky!!

  • Yeah this actually sounds dumb

  • So, you're never getting sex from her until she's dead ? I guess when you get horny enough, you'll oblige her.

  • When I was a senior in high school I started in dating this awesome gal from Sweden,
    She didn't;t warn me about one quality sex trauma she would go thru and it hit me like a tin of bricks for if she reached her climax a good one she actually would die. Her heart was that weak and she'd die of cardiac arrest. This is no lie for it happened the third time we made love and I guess she couldn't stand being ate out for a hour before I slopped my hard cock into her for she started having orgasms right away building in intensity then silence until I screamed and her dad came running into the room pulling her onto the floor and giving her CPR. He was the one that explained it all to me, even told me she has medication to control her heart beat that acts like a governor for a engine that would prevent this from happening , Here I thought I had killed her and would have if it wasn't for her DAD .
    I was hard for me to make love to her again and we broke up a month later.

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