Masturbation Confessions

My wife


First cock

Aftr i retired ifound that i enjoyed going to the park and sitting in my car jerking off in front of other men. It got to the point where i would go almost eevery day and stay for a couple of hours jerking my big cock. sometimes another person would come over and jerk me off.


Nylon panties are and have been a huge part of my life, starting from the age of ten. I wear women's panties and I also love to masturbate with them , nylon panties give me so much pleasure that I can't stop myself from wearing panties and jerking off with them , they have a hold on me like a addiction I guess. To make my panty addiction even... [more]

My step brother and me

I have a step brother Ed who is 30 years old and I am Tina I'm 25 yo and we have been step siblings for the past 20 years,
We are close to each other and we have experimented with each other growing up in many ways to satisfy our curiosity,
In our late teens we were spending a lot of time together and would go camping and spend time in the tent... [more]

My first dildo experience

I have always had a curiosity with what a dildo feels like, I'm a 45 yo straight guy,
For the longest time I have tried fingering myself and enjoyed it a little bit,
The other day I was talking with my cousin Ken and I asked him about what it was like to have anal and he said that it was a pleasure that you have to feel to describe it,
He... [more]

Wanking with some guilt

My wife is a size queen who loves that I wank when she’s not around. She has always been on board with my cumming on her clean thongs, especially the silky/nylon ones. She does not allow me to sniff her worn underwear while I do it, but I can’t help it, and it helps me cum more on the clean ones. She is a mixed race, caramel goddess with very... [more]

Undressing her little by little

I like the idea to present my wife fully clothed and according to the encouraging comments undress her little by little…..and in the end see guys jerking off on her.

Masturbating help wanted

I been masturbating for years and enjoy it every time but lately I have been wanting someone to jack me off, I have tried giving certain people hints but no one seems to get the hint, What should I do to get someone's attention to help me with my craving

Moms panties

I (m14) have been using my moms panties to jerk off and i’m in love with her smell and i jerk off thinking about her sitting on my face

I would rather...

I would rather masturbate than fuck my wife. She has gotten fat and lazy. She doesn't take care of herself. The only time I do fuck her is when she begs for it. Then we do it doggie style so I don't have to look at her face or saggy tits.

I'm just so ashamed

Masturbation has been a staple in my life for the past decade. It never interfered in my social life. But I had an awakening recently, that some of the things I have masturbated to border on what is legal. I can forgive myself for those errant, disgusting things I did while 14, but as an adult i can think of at several instances where the material... [more]

My earliest masturbation

I recall masturbating and having orgasms as early as 6-7 years old. There was no ejaculation of course, that "came" much later. But I discovered if I lay face down and put my hands together one on the other, under my penis, I could ride and rub and grind on them and it felt very VERY good. I'm uncircumcised so I was able to wiggle around and not... [more]

Wife training

Sbe used to be trained to please me wben i was good and made shure she had what she wa ts to be a great slut fkr my pleashres but i dont thing i turn her on anymore

Im 14

I lately can’t stop masturbating, i cum over and over again - i especially like listening to people do stuff in my house while rubbing my clit

Moms sex toys

I use my moms toys to play with myself when she’s not home and it turns me on so much

Cum in a hot tub.

While on vacation at a resort in Florida many years ago, I was sitting with my wife in the hot tub next to the pool. Our conversation had drifted to sex since we were both very horny from teasing each other all day. She had flashed me on the stairs going up to the condo and I returned the favor on our balcony. Since we were alone in the tub... [more]

Sucking my own and sometimes with help from my ex was unforgettab

So I’ve always considered myself straight Atleast dating wise still to this day I date woman here and there I’m 31 now. When I was around 17 or so I had a bad break up and spent a lot of time secluded. Well I learned and practiced and damn near perfected sucking my own dick. I had this position where I would push my feet off the angle wall in my... [more]

Bi Curious MM Likes To Show

I'm 50, happily married. Have been bi-curious since my early 20s but have never had the opportunity to act on it. I enjoy going on live cam sites and jerking off while men watch. It's such a turn-on. I've even recorded a couple of videos and posted them on adult video sites. I love reading the comments.

Ass is Sore

So my wife was out so I figured it was a good time to fuck myself with some toys. I hadn't done it in awhile so I started with the small ones and worked my way up. By the end I had my asshole stretched farther than ever before and was taking in 8-9". It felt great and I shot huge loads of cum and it tasted great. I loved every drop. My ass is... [more]

I want to get spanked severe and spank

I'm naughty and I like to get spanked by someone bare butt with hand and paddle and brush and a belt make my butt red and black and blue and purple blisters I want to spank some guy

Flashing on the coucb

I'll layon the couch and masturbate late and night to get myself nice and hard till my mother in law comes out of her room, I'll then pretend to be asleep with a hard on sticking through my boxers so she can see my hard cock

MIL bf coming over tonight

I hope I can hear her trying to cover up her moans again tonight, it gets me so fucking horny. They leave tomorrow so I hope she leaves her wet dirty underwear in her hamper for me to sniff tomorrow when they're gone. I'm so excited I can't wait for tonight and tomorrow, I've been waiting to sniff her undies afer her bf stayed a night.

Morning wood and married men

How do you married men take care of morning woods ? Even though I'm 40 yr old married guy, I invariably have raging morning wood almost every morning. Does not matter if I had sex night before or not.
My wife is not too interested in helping me out with it in morning. Sometimes she will give a handjob but most of the times I struggle to take... [more]

Babysitter used to touch me

Growing up I had a babysitter that would always give me a bath. She always rubbed me until I got hard. She did this until I was 11. Anyone else have a similar experience?

When on holiday and no private room...

I'm a single woman and i masturbatie regularly. When i'm travelling with a friend after a few days i really start getting horny, but we always stay in the same room or even bed so it's super emberassing and seemingly impossible to masturbate. But yes i already did it several times! The last holiday i did it a few times. The most risky one was in a... [more]

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