Masturbation Confessions


I been woken a few times but never open eye or moved as know sound of wives toy and listing to her playing thinking I'm asleep getting hear her moan and shakas as she cums that's when i turn over saying good morning sounded like enjoyed that and got me excited up for more fun or i got to sort myself she never said no yet and nice just feeling nice... [more]

I want to get caught

I fantasize about getting caught masturbating by my beautiful cousin. She’s been single for a long time. But I’m afraid she will be mad and never speak to me again. We hang out together a lot. How can I or should I try to do it?

Wife’s pics

I love when guys stroke to my wife’s pics. I’d be willing to share some if you share your wife with me.

Cock flashing at home or in public

It's been a number of years now but after reading some of these stories, I remembered a time at home. We lived on a fairly busy street and all the high school kids waited for their bus right in front of our house. They also lived behind us somewhere so they walked by our house but a small home was on the corner. I liked to work out early in the... [more]

I jerked off to my granny in the bath!!q

When I was younger I decided to visit my granny and I saw her in the bath near the window she was masturbating herself I thought to myself what should I do?... Next thing u know I was jerking off to her she saw me then I jumped through the window and she started riding my dick like a Harley she fucked me Everytime I visited her she even let me fun... [more]

Co-workers dirty panty

My workplace has recently hired some women but they share the same locker room right now because they are renovating to build them their own. As it stands we share the space the process is if the door is shut you knock and ask if they are decent. If using the toilet or showering you lock the door until you are done. Our employer has provided us... [more]

That brings back memories

My ex girlfriend and me have a child, before collecting our son from school, I was having him for the weekend I noticed I didn’t have his wellington boots.
Me and my ex get on great now, we both have a key to each other’s house and I popped in to collect his boots.
Her car was in the drive, let myself in grabbed the boots and thought best have a... [more]

Roll on 5pm

Today is now a good day, just had confirmation my parcel has been left in a safe place, in that parcel is my new sex toy, roll on 5pm getting wet just thinking about it.

They shouldn’t have give me a key

A number of years ago I worked at a daycare that my then-girlfriend showed me. Long story short, one of my coworkers quit and I was made a new key carrier to the building. Well, not long after the pandemic first started, the business closed and I stopped being in contact with the owners and managers. One day, I was driving back home from... [more]

Skate Park at Night

One evening, when I was in my teens, I rode my bike around 1 in the morning, to a park that was close to my old high school. The park was nice and quiet, and with no people around. I rode to a nearby bridge, and stashed my clothes, and my bike near the bridge, just out of view.
I started to explore the park in the night, completely naked. I... [more]


I have been naked with my sister and we had our bodies rubbing together and I got to see how her pussy tasted and how it felt rubbing my dick on her clit and we got on top of each other's crotch to feel pussy and dick together and I really liked it and I have asked her to go skinny dipping with me. I even looked at her hairy asshole and jerking... [more]

Beautiful wife masturbating

I would love to watch my beautiful sexy wife masturbate by herself while reading erotica from a book, iPhone or computer! I would love to watch her play with herself and have an orgasm! I would to hear her moan and groan!
I would get a big hard on if I saw her do this!
It would even make my cock rock hard just to hear her talk sexy and moan... [more]

14 yr old boy desires.

Since i was 10 i would watch my 48 yr old adopted mom wash from my room.She was 5ft,with a slightly chubby body but it excited me so as i watched her i would masturbate.This happened every other day really.Mom always wore a corset while at the sink washing so one day when i was 14 she shouted son would you like to talc my back.Needless to say i... [more]

Swimming pool flashing

I’m female 56 but this was 20yrs ago when I was 36
Every Wednesday 20yrs I would go to my local swimming pool for a ladies hour so between 4 and 5 pm only women were allowed to swim
After that anything would go .
I had noticed that some young guys would go to their changing rooms at least 30 mins before the end of ladies hour and I figured out... [more]

A day on the boat

I had just bought my first boat and got it ready for a day on the lake. I asked my friend I knew from high school if she was free and she said yes. Meeting her at the boat launch she was surprised with how nice the boat was and jumped on board. Going around the lake and stopping in the middle I turned down the music and asked if she wanted to go... [more]


I'm fucken my own asshole and stroking my dick and I am Starting to like it in my asshole

I’m going up

Me and my husband haven’t had sex together for over four years, we are both happily married, we are at that point in life those days are in the past.
We both still please each other in a different way and I do it more then him.
Now whenever one of us wants to please the other we masturbate, not together.
I will say, I’m going up and he will... [more]

Super slow motion

My confession is, my ex boyfriend ex girlfriend was a photographer, she filmed him close up in super slow motion ejaculating.
I watch this all the time, it really turns me on, I have it on my phone.
When you study all the movements of his cock just before ejaculating it makes my mouth water, the ejaculation part is out of this world, the colour... [more]

Just wanted the ground to open up

Just knowing he knew what I had been doing is now a massive turn on for me.
At the time I was mortified and so embarrassed.
Two weeks ago I had a lazy day, called in sick for work and stayed in bed all day.
The morning was going very slow so I watched porn and had an orgasm, a short time later I’m back watching porn having another orgasm.
My... [more]

Can't wait for my new toy

I recently ordered a new vibrating dildo and it is supposed to be here by the end of the day Tuesday. I ordered the All American Whopper 7 inch vibrator. I can't wait to have it inside of me and turn it on.
I have a couple of other dildos and vibrators. And I continue to enjoy them and I have enjoyed masturbating with them while being watched... [more]

My aunt

I went to the bedroom to check on my passed out drunk aunt. She was living with us for a while, I pulled the covers back and pulled her top down to expose her nice tits, I pulled her pants down enough to see the hair on her pussy, I then just stood there looking and enjoying, I jacked myself off and cum some on her tits and the rest on her face... [more]

What a pussy I am

From her first day at work I’ve been winding up a female work colleague, she is so funny and believes everything you say to her, I told her I live naked in my house, she would ask don’t you get cold, what if someone knocks at the door.
I explained, just turn up the heating and answer the door naked, wow was her reply.
Hopefully you can now read... [more]

Do I need help

Is it strange that I prefer masturbating then sex.
I’m a 43 year old married mum, my husband works long hours and is exhausted when returning home.
We’ve not had sex for a long time, the few occasions when he has wanted sex I’ve made excuses.
I’m happy in my marriage and lifestyle, after taking the kids to school I Potter around the house doing... [more]

Worst timing ever

Ok picture the scene, I’m on my bed watching porn on my laptop, nice hard cock building myself up for the finish, and I’m cumming, up my chest, belly, on my hands down my cock and in my pubes, lovely.
The second I finished someone is knocking on my front door, actually someone is trying to bash my door in, continuous knocking and a voice shouting... [more]

When I masturbate....

I'm short (5'0"), with large breasts (34DD) and nipples that are small and sensitive. I consider myself to be of average in appearance even though I am considered to be fat. I really do enjoy having sex with men. I love stroking a man's dick, sucking him, hearing his enjoyment. I love having his dick inside of me and letting him have his way with... [more]

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