Masturbation Confessions

Sleeping or drunk girlfriend

My ex girlfriend is a heavy sleeper and when she has too much to drink she passes out. I touch her and put my hands in her panties and rub her clit. Eventhough she’s sleeping she still get so wet and I love eating her creamy love juices. I then slip a finger in her asshole and finger get ping tight rosebud.

Wednesdays in Maryland

I have a girlfriend who would kill me if she found out what goes on every Wednesday night for the past year and a half. I work for my uncle who has 4 retail stores in New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Maryland. The supply depot is in Jersey and I deliver supplies to all 4 locations. When I go to Maryland its always on Wednesdays and I stay... [more]

Chronic Masturbator

I have always been a masturbator I never gave it up when most guys do. I just got married 3 months ago and I still am masturbating. In fact I am masturbating more than having sex with my wife. Should I tell her I have tried to give it up and I can't?

Fingering girlfriends mum

Last night we had my girlfriends mum over and some other relatives drinking and smoking bud her mum lives in Blackpool and is in her late 50s she got really drunk so we took her upstairs and put her on spare bed I then went back downstairs to the party then about half hour later my girl shouts me up so I go in the room to find her mum spread eagle... [more]

Wearing my wifes panties

I wear my wife panties and it gets my horny as hell

My vibrator broke...but I needed my fix.

I've always been a little too horny, I guess. I lost my virginity when I was 14, and there was no going back. Since then, there has been numerous men, women, I've had cocks and fingers and vibrators and dildos and strap ons inside me. But something happened a few days back which I want to share with you all.
I was home alone. It was around 7... [more]

Play with myself in class

I'm in 7th grade and i masturbate alot. Sometimes i play with my pussy in class. I put my backpack on my lap and you cant see my hand. Theres 2 guys that i like and their both in the same class. My teacher is hot also, so sometimes i think about any of them.

Me masturbating

So I'm 14 and I have been using my dads vibrating/electric toothbrush to masturbate. I just have the urge to masturbate and I want to try fucking too. I watch porn vids with just girls and it kinda turns me on like I want a girl to eat me out too. And l kinda also want to fuck my dad like it's just a urge. When I masturbate I like orgasm 4 times... [more]

Grinding on the table corner

I am a female and I have always masturbated by grinding on the corner of a table. I start out lightly then to make myself cum I have to have all of my weight on the corner with my feet off the ground. I support myself with my arms as I grind it out. Does anyone else do this or am I an original??

These fucking sissy hypnos

These damned things are such a turn on I really have to wonder what the deal is with them. The combo of the rapid images and sounds/music/pulses must be designed to trigger a dopamine reaction because this stuff is all at once addictive, satisfying and a massive turn on. Masturbation while watching these sick things and smoking weed is so god... [more]

Riding on stomach

I like to get my girlfriend to lie on a pillow so it raises her stomach and then i sit astride her stomach and ride her back with a back and forth motion until i ejaculate on her stomach. Does anyone else do that?

Dressing in lil girls panties

When i was younger i was addicted to ymg.girls underwear and socks. I wuld wear.tiny.panties.and knee.socks while thinking of my ex gfs sis who was 5. I still imagine some guy who wud love a fantasy.and xd session. The.idea.of him exploding over yng girls is very appealing.

Caught the wifey masturbating (Many times)

So a few years ago I bought the wife a Hitachi magic wand. She loves it and cums multi times when we use it in sex settings. I have asked her if she ever masturbates solo with it - and she always says no, she would never.
Quick wife backstory - she is smoking hot. 5'4" about 130 lbs. tiny tits - like maybe A cup if the manufacturer skimps on... [more]

I have to masturbate while I'm driving and hope to get caught

I have to masturbate almost constantly when driving somewhere of a significant distance. Whether it's with a vibrator, a dildo, or just manually. I find myself needing to get off when driving a decent distance (to have time to get it done) and I want to get caught, so I try to.

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