Masturbation Confessions

Delightful Daughter

I get off on masturbating over my the top of my daughter while she's sleeping, touching her little sweet breasts then shooting my load on her pillow then wiping my cum on her lips n watch her tounge lick it .. Mmm I'm hard right now..

Worst time of our lives

Back in the late 1960's through the 1970's my wife and I built a chain of gas stations, at the end we had 32 employees running five outlets in the Portland area.
Then cam the oil embargo, no supplies, it was a mess. Thinking government would sort things out, we kept the employees on running shorter and shorter shifts until it was done. Heavily... [more]

She caught me

Wife was supposed to be at work. She has a collection of dildos and vibrators. One of which is a suction cup dildo that she uses when I'm not home or in the shower. I got it out and put it on a kitchen chair and went to the living room. I was looking at bisexual porn. Mainly wife, husband and another guy.
To be clear, I am bisexual and my wife... [more]

I like to watch other men cum to my wife’s nudes

My wife is a gorgeous 25 year old milf with the tightest little ass and so it’s only fair to share how amazing she is. I love watching guys stroke their cocks and watch cum ooze out of their dick to her. I found out it was a huge turn on when I caught her flashing guys on omegle and want to see more guys cum to her. Let me know if you’re... [more]

The girl moans and gets into it

In the middle of the night I was awoken to load moans of pleasure coming from my son's bedroom. His girlfriend was getting off and I was getting aroused. I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom hoping my wife continued to sleep. I then masturbated that I was the one screwing the young hottie. Now when I see her, I get an instant hardon.

Missed a chance

I have to admit when I was 16 a family friend ask mom if he could take me to a zoo. He drove to a town and we went through the zoo. And had dinner he had a room rented. We went to the room. That had one bed. After a while he slipped his hand on my young cock and got me hard I almost exploded. He stoped and put my hand on him. I started getting... [more]

Showing the wife off !!

I show her to truckers on the highway

I like it

Recently guys my mom been talking and meeting somebody new and my mom muslim and this guy white and lately his been shagging my mom and iv been listing and wanking to it I did have like little glimpse threw a keyhole to see and I can just seen my mom getting it Has anybody masterbate to their parent having sex

Stepdad heard and watched

My stepfather watched me masturbate. I was naked and on my knees with my ass up in the air. I was breathing heavy, whining a little but striving to be quiet as I rubbed and fingered my wet pussy. Suddenly the light went on. I jumped and turned. My dad turned, walked, and closed the door. He told me to close the door next time. I don't know how... [more]

Even I have Trouble Believing This one.

I was spotting some blood, not much but it worried me. My Doc checked, said it was likely nothing but he referred me to a clinic in Portland for a colonoscopy.
When I arrived, not really wanting to be there very badly, an older nurse showed me into a small room, there sat a very pretty and tiny black nurse.
The older one too my blood pressure... [more]

Should I ask about the bras and panties?

I was on a call with a single friend where we were chatting about life. She made a comment about not having much laundry because she usually wears a t-shirt, shorts, and socks. Of course I'm thinking no bra and no panties but I was too afraid to ask.
I had a nice bulge starting to grow in my pants as the conversation continued. One head was... [more]

Is it odd that I’m tured on my my wife who died ?

My wife passed, but I still get so turned on by her pictures and videos. She had great tits and an amazing ass. She loved to show them off.

Horny for young pussy.

Any women on here masturbating right now? If you are, let me know. I'm about to do the same🍆💦!!

Exposing my self to neighbor

I am 75 years old but get a little kinky sometimes. I have a neighbor who is not friendly and walks her dog past my house all the time. If I see her I make a point to strip and casually walk by the front door. The funny thing is she acts like she doesn't see me but tries her best to get a good look. It even gets better if I get an erection. ... [more]

Wife loves dildos in her pussy

My old 61 y/o wife loves to vibrate her clit with one dildo as i plow her old pussy with other dildos , it is such a fun time making her cum many times .
I even drilled her pussy with my black & decker drill with a 15 inch long 3 inch round cock sleeve on it she cum 12 times in 15 mints .
was so much fun watching her take the whole 15 inches in... [more]

Wearing my neighbour's thong

..... watching porn while wearing my sexy mature neighbour's thong from the laundry room. Love it when she leaves in running through the evening, and when I am horny n drunk, I go down and look if she is doing her laundry. I have seen most of her panties I am sure by now. Love that she wears thongs all the time. That nice big ass, wish I could... [more]

Medical procedure?

I was 65 and at my Medicare physical, filling out the long list of questions I mentioned some blood spotting that I assumed was nothing serious, but my Doc ordered a colonoscopy, which I kind of didn't want to have done.
I got sent to an out of system physician, since our local medical supp0lier didn't have one of those physicians on staff.
I... [more]

Showing my dick

I am a 70 year old male, with a small penis 4ins. hard. I go on the Omegle site and like to show my dick to others. Other guys all have bigger dicks than me. We jerk off together. Sometimes a guy will say he is 15 years old and he has a big dick. It turns me on looking and seeing he has a bigger than me. Gay guys do not seem to mine you have a... [more]

My Daughter's Big Boobs

My beautiful wife Melissa was out of town on business, while my gorgeous 18-year-old daughter Reese was at her softball game. I decided to do a little bit of house cleaning on this wonderful Saturday. Tonight, my friends and I were getting together to watch a huge basketball game on TV.
As part of cleaning the house, I decided to do a little... [more]

Wanking on speed!!

I’ve had a load of speed, and now I’m 3 and a half hours into a good wank! I’ll go for another couple of hours yet! I love how it feels, it’s hard to keep it hard, especially on speed. But my god does it feel gooood!
I’m downstairs and my wife is sound asleep in bed, so far I have gone through so many porn videos, of every category you... [more]

Sexy Wife

My favorite fantasy would for my sexy lovely wife to masturbate in front of an audience to orgasm. Everyone one in the crowd would get a hard from watching her. Every cock would be rock hard!


During lockdown iv been wanking a lot at home sometime il use my mom panties to cum on them or when I do go for a jog I go to my local park usually early morning and hardly any 1 be around so after I ran for like 5 10 min il go deep into this forest wood type of place go to a discrete place take my clothes of and wank and always wishing to... [more]

Bi-curious married man

Wife and I are home due to the arctic weather. Minus 5 with 30 below windchill and up to six more inches of snow on top of what we already have.
I'm (besides typing this) sitting in the computer room while my wife is in the bedroom watching television. I have been masturbating to cumpilation videos of guys sucking off other guys and eating their... [more]

Meth masturbation Addict

Https:// Let get spun and dirty

Me and my friend

My friends caught me wanking when we rented a apartments and it was an embarrassing moment cuz I just cummed and he walked in and stare at me and kinda smiled he then start speaking to me about it few week went by and I was at his house just chilling then out the blue he said I want to have a wank with u so it happen but nothing more then few days... [more]

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