Masturbation Confessions

My neighbor

I meet with the same guy each month and we watch porn together, masturbate and edge. We try and go as long as we can. Once that was over two hours of edging. No matter how long we edge - it is sharing such intense pleasure with another man and then sharing in a wonderful release. We both love it a lot.

Maturbating On Phone

Me and girlfriend at the time were on facetime and she text me saying moan for her so I moaned for her and she did it back. A few minutes after we did that I started to masturbate under the blanket I was under in my bed and she saw my hand moving cause I was jerking off and she said its okay if I jerked off and she started moaning so I asked her... [more]

Masterbation in womens clothes

I love dressing up all pretty and taken pictures and video of me jerking off.sometimes I will fuck myself in the ass while I jerk off and act like a little whore. I would love to find a lady that understands and wants to fuck me. im dressed now wanking off just thinking about it.

Wife in her underwear & more

Angela and I have been Married for 22 years and i love taking naughty pics of her in underwear and nude with her permission. I have viewed lots of sites with guys showing off pics their wives and girlfriends etc and fantasise showing her off too. I dont want her to be shared with anyone. I love the idea of other men looking at my wife in her just... [more]

Beach car park

Hi all
Whet to the beach yesterday for a surf at lakes beach on the central coast I pulled up at the far end of car park there was two cars already parked anyway I got out the car and started putting my wet suit in the right way and glanced over to see a couple kissing pretty normal for here
Then all of a sudden the lady gets out the car and... [more]

Never did I imagine this

I caught my next door neighbor masturbating. We are both stay home Moms and our kids were all at school. I went over to her house and the door was slightly open. I went in and went to the living room. Her back was to me - I guess she was naked and there was lesbian porn on the tv. She was moaning and her hands seemed to be between her legs. ... [more]

Mature at the rest stop

Hi last week I was on way home and stopped at a rest stop on the m1 at Ourimbah anyway I was still sitting in the car when I saw a mature lady walking past the parked cars looking in the windows so I quickly whipped my dick out and started rubbing it up I had it as hard as a rock by the time she was at my car and when she looked in my window I... [more]

Mom drives me nuts

Mum knew I was perving and stood in the sun to give me a teasing it was working my balls were twitching so bad it was making me mini Orgasm making me pre cum so bad I could feel the wet spot in my pants
Mum moved into the kitchen and started looking in the bottom cupboards and I could see right up her dress her big lips were shiny and wet
I... [more]

Mom drives me nuts

Hi all
Just letting you know what my mum does to me
Every time I go to visit Mum she hasn’t been wearing any underwear later maybe because it’s summer here in Sydney so very nice and warm
Anyway I was at mums place having lunch and trying not to get caught perving on Mum while she was preparing lunch
Mum was wearing a summer dress and when... [more]

Ultimate self gratification.

I discovered I could suck my own cock very young. Best blowjobs I've had are the blowjobs I gave myself. Love to feel my ample cock throb as it pumps cum into my mouth. Love the taste.

Ultimate self gratification.

I discovered I could suck my own cock very young. Best blowjobs I've had are the blowjobs I gave myself. Love to feel my ample cock throb as it pumps cum into my mouth. Love the taste.

Should be working

But I'm jerking!

JO to celebs

I absolutely love jerking off to my favorite celebrities in bikinis I cum so much when I jerk off the them, even when I just see one of my favorite celebs face I get hard and have to go and jerk off to them

Hand job with a surprise

So the other day I got an unexpected blowjob in the park followed by a handjob with a first-time instruction in this line...
Just a bit of background on us and let me mention this, I am a panty-wearing husband but also a bi-swinger couple. When I came out to my wife that I was bi-curious she helped and enjoyed watching me giving my first... [more]

Laughing wife

I’d like to jerk off while my gorgeous wife flexed her sexy soles and toes. She would laugh and giggle as I stroked my rock hard cock. I’d shoot a load of creamy sperm as she teased and laughed at me getting turned on by those nice soft sexy soles and toes! Yes teasing me and laughing as I stroke my cock! Here comes the sperm as she giggles! Oh... [more]

I (21M) I've been very bored and hot in quarantine

This quarantine I have been very hot, one day being alone in my house, I spent the whole day naked, in the afternoon I fell asleep on the sofa, when my dog ​​woke me up licking my cock, I removed it at once, but I was so hot that I called him again, and he licked my cock, my balls, my ass, and so on until he ejaculated, he ate everything, I did... [more]

Bicurious exhibitionist

I am 47, attractive, slim, smooth, and I masturbate. A lot. At least an hour a day, sometimes more in the night if I can’t sleep, sometimes more in the morning if I can. I lube up with coconut oil, get high, and edge and edge to porn, straight, bi, and solo men and women. I think about cock a lot. But I also want to fuck my wife all day every... [more]

Gotta touch it.

I really love my penis. Can't keep my hands off. I'm stroking a big erection right now while writing this. I beat 3 times a day.

Teases Me

Step daughter is a senior in school and likes to dress hot like. She wasn't aware I down bloused her when I got a chance. She has long skinny saggy breast and I wasn't aware at the time that the ends of her breasts was huge areolas. When my wife was out shopping Carol, my step daughter was showering. I wanted to see her body. I secretly peered... [more]


I find that masturbation is much more fulfilling and pleasant then any cock ...i simply enjoy it ..many times i finish myself off in front of my husband

If I could turn back time!

Many years ago when I was 15 I was flirting with a boy from school, at the time I had only ever kissed a boy.
He was very pushy to go further then just kissing, after school at his house he wanted to touch between my legs, I remember saying no but I don’t remember how I agreed to watch him masturbate.
Nothing happened after that experience, I... [more]

Horny like hell

I'm always horny. Ever since my ex left me I have been. Still jerk off to her almost everyday. Share her pics so that others comment and I jerk off.

Naughty wife

My drunk wife confessed to having slept with over 100 men and now it’s the only thing I think about when I masturbate.

My Nephew Has Got A Problem

While on an important call, it happened. I tried to get up and move out of his line of fire, but he was standing so close to the couch that I couldn't; at least not without a fight, and that would surely have alerted my boss. After spewing some additional cum on my arms, my skirt and my bare legs, he shook his cock around a bit and then walked... [more]

My deceased moms 55 yr old cousin.

Found myself living with T since junior school. She had a nice full figure. I was 17 and spoilt.I had witnessed her semi naked for years as she discreetly left doors open when we were alone,obviously i masturbated a lot. One day i walked into her room when she was only wearing a medium length shirt. I knew she had just taken off her nickers. Would... [more]

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