Masturbation Confessions

Shoe and foot expression of love.

I have a foot fetish , I have always been attracted to pretty feet. My stepdaughter always wanted foot massages. She had perfect little size 6 feet. She kept them polished , mainly a deep red. When she asked for foot massages I would take off her shoes and socks for her and massage away. It got to the point , when she was gone I would masterbate... [more]

Picture and Video exchange?

My 59 year old wife has the best looking pussy on the planet! Let me see yours.

My Prom Dress

I am a male transvestite in my late sixties. I have been dressing in ladies clothes all my life, I am also homosexual. I have a slim figure and a size 40c bust which I have cultivated over the years. I like floaty, flirty clothes worn with silk undies with lots of sexy lace.
I was looking in a charity shop this morning on the dresses rail and I... [more]


Last week I was at my mother in law's house for her birthday party. I really needed to use the bathroom but there was a line at the bathroom everyone was supposed to be using. I went into my mother in law's bedroom to use her bathroom and while I was there I noticed that the hamper was open and right on top was a dirty pair of her panties. I took... [more]

Stepdaughter tease

My stepdaughter has been doing these things for years, she is 20 now but has been walking around in a g string and topless in front of me since she was 12. One time she sat on my lap in her g string and moved around for a while then when she got up she could see that I was hard, i covered up with a pillow, she said what's wrong? I said you know... [more]

Huge cocks

I’m a straight man who has only been with women my entire life. I must admit tho, the sight of a huge erect cock with tight balls gets me so horny. I’ve jerked off to the same video of a woman jerking and sucking the most magnificent hard cock multiple times. In the video she’s saying that the viewer(me) would love to suck the big cock- I think I... [more]


Hi.Im a 28 year old married mum of 2.Ever since I joined the gym I've started having wild sex fantasies about some of the guys there.One of the guys is a personal trainer who works there,he's a hot looking cute black guy.I have masturbated and thought of him fucking me on many occasions.I've fantasized about actual scenarios where I cheat on my... [more]


I have tried to squirt and I tried almost everything and yet I still can’t squirt. Any suggestions?


I.dont how this started but I m a straight male and love kicking my asshole with a dildo. I like the ones u can strap down and ride. It hurts at first going in but feel so good when it's in. I want to try to cum without using my hands. My wife and I both enjoy it. I like when she puts in my ass while she is fucking my ass

Why I am a closet sissy

I LOve being a sissy in private.But now I want the real thing that woman feel ..I want a hard cock in my mouth..and being fucked by a men I jerk off 2 or 3 times a day in panties since I was 12.. I am now 24 and want to be a servent to men sexualy...I want to worship there s cock and please them whenever they wants me to suck there cock or put... [more]

I caught my roommate's brother "perving" over my underwear !!!

I caught my roommate's brother "perving" over my underwear! From time to time my roommate (who is also a girl) gets visits from her brother. Over several months I started to suspect "something was up" with him. I always keep the door to my room closed when I am not home. One time I came back home, he was visiting, and I noticed the door to my... [more]

Girls who like speculums

Hi I am
Wanting to hear from any women/ladies/girls who like playing or using specilums, or women who get sexually excited about going for a gyno exam and having this tool inserted.
I’m sorry to sound rude here but I don’t want to here from guys who think they fall into this category unless you use it on a female/wife/girlfriend/ sub or... [more]

Jacking off in public fully nude

I have always love stripping in front of women. I used to stay at my friend's house when I was a kid and he has sister a year younger and I decided to strip naked and see what happens.we we're listening to Metallica dancing to it and I decided to take off my shirt and see if anything is said. Nothing yet so add a shine to drop my shorts and... [more]


Once I was tecting to someone on Craigslist and found out it was a guy. I’m a staight male and said that ok. One thing lead to another and he wanted to face time me. I was feeling good and said sure. He said he liked to see men in jock straps. So I put one on and faced my ass at him. He was jerking off and telling me what a nice ass I had. So I... [more]

Pressure washer hose have me an orgasm

My boyfriend always complains how dirty my car is, and always cleans it for me when he does his, then moans that he has to. I never ask, or care if it's dirty, so it makes me mad when he moans.
Last time he said he would do it I got cross and insisted I do it myself, so after he showed me what to do and went in side I got on with it, expecting... [more]

I fantasize about my own wife@!

My wife and I rarely have sex because she says it hurts too much when I'm inside her. We are in our 50's and I'm as horny as an 18 year old! We take showers together and she gives me hand jobs, but there's something about getting denied that makes me want her more! I masterbate at least 3 times a day and I can't get off unless I look at nude... [more]

Cumming without using your hands

I am male and curious. I watch gay porn sometimes and I see men cum just by using a dildo up their ass. If so I would like to try it.

Cum Production

To the best of my memory, the first time I ever shot a load of cum, it was a couple of months before my thirteenth birthday. I was sliding my six inch boner between two velvet throw pillows and felt this incredible bursting point and came in a torrent. I know the normal male output of ejaculate is 10 cc, but
it seemed I shot out 1/4 cup of the... [more]

I cum in my wife's food

I have been jacking off in my wife's food for a while now and I am addicted to it . It first started with cumming in her apple sauce and yogurt and salad dressing , now I fuck her food and play in her food with my dick . I get home before she does and I will heat her food in the microwave and just get it warm foods like mac and cheese and rice... [more]

Female masterbation tips wanted (from girls)

Hi, I am Holly, I am 23, newly single and rediscovering masterbation. I don't always orgasm, but do usually with sex, and I think it's because masterbation lacks the excitement.
I want to hear from other girls what techniques you have tried and what works. I am willing to be brave, and a friend has already suggested I touch my bum hole, but not... [more]

Where to wank in public

Really want to try wanking in public more but where could I do it? Right now I only do it in public toilets but need some more risky places I go to college too so bear that in mind Any suggestions welcome

Maybe it's just me.

I really do love reading the stories, confessions, and tall tails, people write on "NaughtPosts". However if you folks are going to post a tail, fictional or true, at least make some of the details a little bit realistic. It kind of sucks when you're reading along and you get to the part where the man is jacking off. Jilling off, or wanking... [more]


I like to watch videos of women masturbating while driving. Do any other women out there do that? If so I like to hear about it. I think it is so hot.

Little secret

Ok so confession time... the other night I was really horny and didn’t even think and bought 4 dildos.... I’ve always had the fantasy of being gangbanged.. ugh I just wanted to be fucked over and over again and have someone ran their cock into my pussy and make me scream. So I’m planning to take a bubble bath and just having all the dildos around... [more]

Happened just this morning.

Ever since I have become a shared wife I cant think of anything but sex and I masturbate a lot more now than ever before.
Just this morning after getting the kids off to school I headed back into my bedroom to relax and masturbate .
I closed my eyes and was bring up images of a couple of the guys I have been with and I had one very nice orgasm... [more]

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