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I’m a 43yo woman and leading up to Christmas we hired extra up, he was a young man and very quiet and I saw him looking a naked pictures on his phone, I surprised him and said does your girlfriend know you do that, it was a picture seeing him trying to cover up he replied saying he didn’t have a girlfriend, I said that would explain why you’re looking at naked pictures.
From that day on I had some fun with him, teasing him, making him blush just some light fun really.
I’m a voluptuous lady, little on the big side but still have shape, I would unbutton my blouse to show cleavage and you should have seen his eyes light up, it was so obvious he was looking, every day I gave him a little treat and it made me smile.
I even put on my pencil skirt for him, far to tight for me but he loved it especially when I was sitting talking to him.
I miss him and still fantasies in my head of doing rude things to him.

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  • I would have tried to have some drinks with you after work...with a motel nearby. Hopefully you'd loosen up enough I'd get you to the motel where I'd just fuck your pussy like there was no tomorrow. You'd cum at least two or three times before I emptied my balls inside you.

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