I'm pregnant but it's not my husband's baby

I have really done it . I was weak . I shouldn't have done it but felt hopeless in stopping it. I was feeling lonely . My husband takes me for granted . He doesn't have a jealous bone in his body. He has a friend who he does guy stuff with. He's always around. He's not married . Sometimes when he comes over for cookouts or like at Christmas he's always with some new sexy hot looking girl. I don't think any make it more than two or three months . I didn't think about it much. I wasn't planning it . He came over to help my hubby in building the garage in our back yard. So he was coming over to work before my Matt got off work. I was sitting sunning myself in my bikini. We would sit and talk for a few then he would work. We usually all ended up having dinner together. It was the least I could. For all the hours he was spending helping Matt build our garage.

The third week in June it was really hot. Matt was now working night shift at the machine shop. Joey was coming each day and doing what he could. I made dinner for him. After dinner I was washing our dishes and he sat listening to me. I saw he was looking at me . His bronze muscles so nice and firm. I found myself admiring his body. I don't know what came over me. He said he needed to take a shower and should leave before it got to late. I told him he could shower here and I would wash his clothes . He could wear one of Matt's robes. He said okay and I got him a towel and wash cloth. He went into the master bath and closed the door. I laid on the bed reading. I could hear the shower running. When finished he came out wrapped in the towel. My eyes were drawn to south of the border. I could see an imprint of something large.

I got up and grabbed Matt's robe for him. Then he grabbed me up and kissed me. Just like in a B movie I told him don't do that ever again. He responded by doing just that. We started kissing very passionately and the towel fell to the carpet. I felt him pressing against me. He pushed me down in front of him and I took him into my mouth like a ravenous lioness and began pulling at and sucking on him. He was very well endowed. And curved like a banana. Soon he picked me up and put me back onto the bed. We began making love. It was so good. His large curved cock deep inside me. He really was a wonderful lover. It was like I knew everything about him. He asked what he should do . Pull out or explode inside me . I said better pull out. I'm not taking any birth control . He came all over the outside of my pussy and tummy.

He got dressed and left . I got a bath and prepared for my nightly call from Matt. I was paranoid Matt would know by my tone or intination that something was different. We talked and he said he loved me. I told him that I loved him also. He didn't suspect anything. The next afternoon I told Joey don't bother coming over to work . He asked if something was wrong . I told him everything was fine I had to go over to my mother's. So I wouldn't be lying I went to see my mother. When I got back Matt was sitting parked in our driveway. He wanted to talk to me. I said just talk nothing more. Should have known better. We ended up having great sex again. This time when he asked about pulling out I grabbed his sexy ass and held him inside me. My phone was ringing but I couldn't answer with Matt on top of me .

Matt called an hour later and asked why I didn't answer. I told him I was driving back from my mother's. The next night Matt was working and I made dinner for us . He helped me clear the dishes then he began kissing me. He raised me up and put me on top of the kitchen table. He yanked off my panties as I worked on his jeans and underwear. He filled me full of his come . Then we both got in the shower. We made love again it was so wild. Joey is a wild spontaneous type lover. Matt is more of a in our bed missionary type . Joey wanted to do every position possible. Plus the way he touches me and caresses me drive me crazy with desire.

This went on for the two weeks Matt was working night shift. During this time Matt and I made love three times . I knew we couldn't continue when Matt was back on day shift. I didn't want it to stop. Joey took some vacation time and I went to his apartment. Just a few hours here and there. When I was with Joey I didn't think about Matt. But when I was with Matt all I could think about was Joey. I became very conflicted. Don't get me wrong I loved my husband. But I also had deep feelings for Joe.

I started to feel sick in the mornings and I decided to get a EPT . Sure enough I was pregnant . I made an appointment to see my gyn and she pin pointed the time of conception somewhere in the second week of Matt's night shift . We had made love just once that week . I told Joe that I couldn't continue to see him. He asked if I loved Matt. I told him I did . He asked if I loved him. I told him I enjoyed our time together but that was all. It was just for the best. Matt thinks the baby is his . No reason to tell him otherwise . Does it really matter who actually fertilized the egg anyway. Isn't the father the one who cares for and loves this child really the daddy?

1 month ago

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    • Anybody else notice that she gets confused about who is fucking her. Matt, husband, works night shift but she can't answer phone because Matt is on top of her?

    • Lol yup

    • Yes, it matters if there are any future medical issues and someone needs to donate an organ or something; or if down the road your kid does one of these heritage history DNA tests. Good luck.

    • If it's a girl, name her Mattie Jo after both cocks in your life, and if it's a boy name him Waylon after your wayward cunt.

    • "Isn't the father the one who cares for and loves this child really the daddy?"

      No, it's the father. The daddy the one who fucked mommy pregnant

    • Check Matt's porno history, chat him up about his sexual fantasies. If ANY of them involve a slutty wife you are in. If not, check on how similar his and Joey's looks are. If not a close match, stage a fight and 'separate' briefly before reconciling. The bay then 'came' from while you were separated

    • Your a whore the baby going to look like him . Obvious he got stronger genes. Coat hanger

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