Somebody was watching

This just happened today. I was masturbating in my bed with the door halfway closed. I didn't think about it because I thought the kids were asleep and I was going to be quick. I was picturing my wife bent over her desk at work by one of her young and cute co-workers and just hard as a rock. All of a sudden I notice somebody walking by my door. I stopped and covered up but after a minute of silence I started jerking off again. Than I looked qwithout being obvious and somebody was peeking in on me. I was freaked out at first but to my surprise I got turned on by the thought of being watched. I decided to kick off the covers slide my vibrator inside my ass and came so hard it shot into my face. The shadow ran downstairs and I don't know who it was. It was either my step son or step daughter. I am now turned on by the thought of one of them watching me. I'm thinking I should do it again

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  • Yes, getting watched is such a fucking turn on ! One weekend when two young nieces were visiting, I'd had one beer too many at the beach. When we got home, my wife put them in the tub in the guests bathroom. I heard my wife say, "Get all the sand out of those coochies ! " Still in my suit, I peeped in the bathroom, and she was bent over the tub, nude, big breasts swaying, as she washed the older one vigorously between the legs. The young girl protested "That's enough, I'm clean down there ! " My wife made her get out of the tub and dry off, and she took her place in the tub with the younger one. I went back to the kitchen to unload the cooler, and get another beer, but got water instead. The older niece went upstairs into the loft, wrapped in a towel. I went to the doorway to the laundry room and peeled down my wet, sandy suit. I heard the younger niece giggling and peeped in the bathroom again and saw my wife washing her coochie. I got instantly hard, and turned and headed for our bathroom when I heard the older niece hiss my name. I looked up and she was peering down from the loft. She let her towel drop, and I smiled and motioned her to follow me. I went to our vanity and waited. She comes in and stares at my hard on. " Wow, it's a lot bigger than dad's and H's ( her step dad ) ! Will it get so hard it shoots out the white stuff ? " I laughed and told her " Just you watch " and began jerking it furiously. She asked if she could touch it. I told her no. She asked if I wanted to touch her and I told her no. After a couple of minutes I unleashed a salvo of hot tacky cum. It hit the edge of the vanity, the sink, and even some on the mirror. " Gosh, you shot out a lot ! " she said, smiling. I told her to go get dressed as I got in the shower and washed off salt, sand, and guilt.

  • That sounds amazing. I would love to masturbate for those young ones. even with no touching, just jerking with little ones watching is a huge turn on. Actually, Not just little ones anyone.

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