Gay priest

I went to mass last sunday, at my local Catholic church. I hadn't been to church for a few months, as I had been on a very sinful binge, and was feeling very down on myself and most un Godly.
After services were over, I hung out in front of the altar for a while, praying, and then I went to the cofessional booth to fess up my sins. I told the priest that I had been smoking meth again, drinking excessively, and having sex with a lot of women, and had even had gay sex with a couple of men I'd met at the local gay bar. The priest seemed unusually curious about the gay sex part, and asked me for details about what I had done with the other men. As I started telling him what had happened, he reached his hand under the curtain divider between the booths, and placed his hand firmly on my upper leg. I was kind of startled, then he told me that it was okay, and that God was a loving and forgiving God whom has seen the most atrocious sins of man, and that he can clense all my sins. He then told me to go on with the details of the gay sex I had had.
I resumed my tales of sin, and the priest slowly started caressing my leg and worked his hand down my inner thigh, towards my now erect penis. I told him that I had to confess that he was making my penis hard, and then he pulled the curtain open and leaned over and kissed me on the lips while he unzipped my pants and gently caressed my hard throbbing cock. He then pulled out my cock and started sucking it like a crack whore. As he was sucking my cock, I reached over and pulled off his robe. He was wearing nothing nut boxer shorts underneath. His cock was bulging out his shorts, like a circus tent, so I pulled down his shorts, revealing the largest cock I'd ever seen. Oh shit, my girlfriend just got home, I'll finish this story later.

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  • If Jesus was gay, would you fuck him in the ass?

  • It's vicars as well!!!! I came onto this site to confess but found this report. I am 15 and in the youth choir of our local church. Our vicar has always been "touchy feely" around me and I rather liked it. He is kindly, very friendly and a widower of about 60.
    One evening during the summer I was helping him stack the chairs and tables after our community fair. We were alone and in the store room, I had just placed a couple of chairs when I felt him close behind me, he asked to help me and got even closer, pushing against me, I felt his breath panting on my neck, then I felt his erection pushing hard against me, he lifted my smock and then I felt his hand slip into my underpants and I knew he was getting off against me.
    He pushed and rubbed and I liked it, the feeling made me hard, then I felt him lift my smock as he bent me against the chairs, he pulled my underpants down and I felt his erection against my bum.
    It wasn't long before I felt his spunk cum over my bum, he hugged me close and said not to tell, I felt aroused and horny. I turned around and faced him with my cock out and hard, he then knelt down and took it in his mouth and in about two seconds I came and I really liked the feeling!!
    I am now the vicars pet and he is having sex with me in his bed.

  • I like your story xx. I have been in the church choir since I was about 10 and quite early on I was aware that some boys were being made a fuss of by one of the elderly helpers. I used to watch them disappear after the service and wondered in my naivety what was going on. then one day I spied on them and was amazed at what I was watching.
    There in one of the back rooms old Mr Clements had his trousers and pants down to his ankles and one of the boys bent over a table with his bottom completely bare. Mr Clements was pushing himself against the boy who seemed to be very uncomfortable.
    I was to young to understand then, but when Mr Clements had finished and pulled himself away I saw his massive dick sticking out from under his open shirt, then the other boy replaced the first, bent over and I watched as Mr Clements pushed his dick into that boys bottom and started again.
    That experience changed my life, I wanted to be one of those boys.

  • And everyone thought they only like little boys.

  • When I was a kid I had a crush on our Episcopal Priest who is gay. He said that I was way too young and to experience other boys before being with a man. I took his advice and slept with other boys before I was with his partner...

  • I'm Christian and no self-respecting Priest absolves sins in confession unless you show contrition. What happened here is just crazy town. You should recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy together and follow His word.

  • Fuck off. Priests are always horned up

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