Going out with my GF

Me and my gf would do this thing where we would go to the bar, and pretend to just be meeting each other and we would hang out in a group of strangers and she would hit on them. She is kind of hot, so she normally gets hit on a lot, she's curvy and has a small waist and a bubble butt, so people are always staring at her ass. So one night when we were at the bar she decided to go dance with this guy she had been flirting with, she handed me her drink and told me to keep an eye on it, I was standing there watching as the guy wise check out her ass and out of the corner of my eye I saw this guy walk up and drop a roofie in her drink, I kind of couldn't believe what I saw, I kind of barely caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye so I start to question if I imagined it. Just then she comes off the dance floor and picks up her drink, and I tell her don't drink that. She says "why not" and for some reason I didn't want to admit that I fucked up, so I said "I wasn't watching it the whole time" she said "you worry too much" and started drinking it. A few minutes later she started staggering, so I started helping her to the car. And the other people in our group just started coming with us because my GF told them there's going to be an after party at her place. As I was helping her the guy that roofied her was trying to come with us, he said "do you need help getting her home" and took her other arm. I told him "NO and you're not invited to the after party". So I get her home and most of the people in the group just end up leaving as soon as we get there, and I get her in bed and leave the door open so I can see her from the couch in the living room, I was really tired and thought about going back to my own place but I thought I would stay and make sure she was ok. I must have passed out when I looked over to her bedroom to see how she was doing I realized the door was closed. I walked over to the door to open it and realized it was locked, she's got a big bedroom windows so I go out the back door and walk across the patio and look in, and I see my girlfriend is completely naked, she's face down in doggystyle and somebody is fucking her, he's just got both hands on her ass and he's aggressively pounding her. I look in more carefully and realized between thrust's he's not wearing a condom. And I look and realize there's another guy standing behind him nude stroking his dick, I realized both guys were the guys that she was flirting with. So I go back inside and I go up to the door and try to open it again, I realize from here I can hear her moaning and her ass slapping off of his hips. I hear one of the guys say to the other "her ass is like jello, like it how it shakes and bounces" so I walk away for a bit to try to collect myself and think. I end up walking back to the window and I was shocked... to see she was riding one of the guys in like reverse cowgirl. And had a smile on her face and seemed to be enjoying herself. Just then one of the guy's walked up on the bed and shook his dick in front of her face, and she reaches out and grabs it and starts to suck him off, I walked back to the door and I'm surprised to hear how vocal she is, she never talks dirty like this when we're together. I hear her say "Oh my fucking God, Yes, just like that" and then a little bit later everything gets quiet, and she says "you taste amazing". I hear somebody get up and start moving towards the door, and I just kind of panicked and ran and hid. She came out and I noticed the way she was walking her ass was swaying back and forth, she was probably hoping they would notice. She opens up the fridge and says "I'm getting a beer do either of you want anything" as she says that I noticed she has cum on her chin. And I looked down and noticed that little slot, that little line,of a vagina she has, had a load of cum on it. She stopped off at the bathroom and came out and it was gone, and went right back to the bedroom. I remember being really in shock going into the bathroom and looking down and seeing a wad of toilet paper with cum on it, and realizing she just wiped it off and went back in for round 2. The next day she came over like everything was normal, from what she said I could tell she didn't know what happened at the bar, and part of the night. But she was acting like she did, she said "where did you go, why didn't you come with us". So lately my GF and I have been hanging out but I've been kind of distant, she has been really sluty lately, she has been getting into some real dark sexual fantasies. I kind of don't know what to do.


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  • Cut you loses and dump her asap. If you do the brutal hate/revenge fuck thing be way of std's etc. Roofie or not, her true character was revealed and you know what you are getting into so to speak. Time to move on.

  • Same thing happened to me, it was my fire company dinner, we both got wasted, couple of my buddies helped us to our room, and I remember vaguely when I woke up in the middle of the night my two friends were fucking my girl, she was moaning and screaming louder then ever. In the morning when we both woke up, I was on the floor naked, she was still in bed, she told me that was the best sex ever, she had dried up cum everywhere, but it's strange to me, she's always made me where a condom, even when she's wasted, and there was no condom around. So I know I wasn't dreaming

  • Get into it and her, enjoy it

  • I'm definitely thinking about fucking her one last time, she is so much more sexual now from the way she moves her body and the way she talks, she's like a completely different person.

  • First, you have to decide if you are okay with your woman fucking other men. If not, then it's time to dump her, because she obviously enjoys being a fuck slut and will never stop. On the other hand, if you like knowing that your woman is a nasty slut that takes multiple loads of strangers cum, then you must be prepared for the consequences. Statistically, she WILL contract numerous STDs, and possibly HIV from unprotected sex, so you should stop fucking her without condoms. There is a vast difference between fantasy and reality. Fantasizing about your woman being a whore is one thing, having her actually be one is a whole different ballgame.

  • When it happened I would go from being mad to really turned on, and it was a really strange for me. Thinking about it I don't think I could ever be in a serious relationship or a long-term on with somebody who would sleep with other people, I feel kind of weird because she's like one of my oldest friends we first met in kindergarten.

  • Cut your losses

  • Enjoy the ride

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