Body for sale part 2

I asked what she wanted to eat. She said she doesn’t care, we could also order in and stay in the bed. But i told her no. I would go chose her outfit and she would go look for those buttplugs. “Are you sure that’s nessecary? I’m afraid that they would just fall out.” She said. “Just do whatever the fuck i pay you for” I snarled. She didn’t respond to it and went looking while i started browsing her wardrobe. She told me she only found the big one and i told her that’s ok. I took out a dress that was short and was pretty seethrough. “Wear some airforce with this.”. She knod her head and took some underwear. “Did i say wear underwear? No. Just the dress” seeing as her boobs were perfectly firm, the fact she didn’t wear a bra didn’t even matter. I told her to insert the buttplug and be ready in 5minutes. She lifted up her dress and revealed the black shiny plastic between her cheeks. I slapped her ass and we were on our way.
We went for dinner a nice restaurant and had a laugh. I wasn’t going to do anything to her seeing as we just ate. I hate fucking with a full stomache. After some drinks i decided we needed to go shopping. We arrived at the Zara and i had her trying on A lot of slutty outfits. Until i finally had enough and decided i wanted to fuck her in the dressing room. She knew what she was up to so she took it like a champ. When somebody from the store asked her how everything was, she replied “i’m having some trouble fitting into these jeans, so please give me a minute.” I was fucking her from the back with her face pushed against the glass. “Look up, and keep looking. Dont stop looking at yourself” i said. She was looking at herself getting fucked in a Zara dressing room. I was unsure what to do now, cum in her pussy again and make her walk around with cum dripping down her leg, or give her a facial and make her walk around the city with cum on her face and hair. I decided to go with the latter. So i pulled out and told her to open her mouth wide. She did what i asked and I painted her face white. Most of it landed in her mouth, some of it across her face and in her hair. She swallowed it all and told me “all gone, like a good girl”. “A very good girl indeed” i said. Now get dressed and take what you want with you. “Do you have, like, a tissue to clean me up?” “No” i said, “you’ll leave like that”. She looked at her reflection to see a big spurt of cum in her hair, under her eyes and on her chin. “I can’t go out like that”, she smiled. And I said “yes you can” and pushed her out the stall. She went up to the register and payed with my card. As we left the store, one of the salespersons said “miss, you have something on your chin”. She responded “yes i know, i just blew this guy” and walked outside. It is safe to say i was flabbergasted and was having a major hard on, again. This was exactly the kind of sluttieness i payed for. I decided to end her misery and have her clean her face up and swallow the remainder. Once we arrived at another store, i started fingering her between the racks, making her cum in the middle of the store. She knew she was being watched but she just didn’t care anymore at that point. When i was fingering her, i remembered the buttplug. after leaving the store, i took her to an alley and pushed her against the wall, removed her plug and inserted mine. The plug did a good job so now i could just fuck her up the ass without much problems. I was fucking her like i was raping her. Hard and fast. With my hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She took off her dress and was standing naked in an alleyway, getting fucked in the ass for the 2nd time. I was ready to cum when somebody was coming toward us. The guy did not know what was going on and she flinched. I grabbed her hair and told her to look at him while i came. She was hesitant at first, but it’s not like she had a choice. I blew my load deep inside her guts. As i was moaning hard, i heard her crying a little. “I know that guy from work. he’s definitely going to tell my boyfriend he saw his girlfriend getting fucked in an alleyway.” I pulled mu dick out and ran towards the guy. I told him she’d suck him off if he kept his mouth shut. He did not hesitate a second and pulled down his pants. I told her i’d pay her extra if she did. She was still crying but proceeded anyway, like the moneyhungry slut she is. She finished him off and i told her to swallow it, which she did. “Tell me, who tastes better? Him, your boyfriend or me?” She didn’t answer and swallowed everything, like she was told. “Can we go home now? I really just want to be naked and enjoy the evening with you” she said. As she walked in front of me, i saw a line of cum, dropping down on her leg. I don’t think she noticed, because she just kept walking and hauled a taxi.
Once we got home, she took off her clothes and planted herself on the couch. “Be naked with me, just enjoy the company for a moment”. For the first time today, i followed her lead, got naked and planted myself next to her. We watched some netflix together and ordered pizza. the day was almost over and i still was feeling horny. We started making out hard and she started jacking me off. I pushed her head down and she started sucking my dick. I told her to use her beautiful tits to help her out. I always loved her boobs. They were, if not the most perfect boobs i ever seen. My dick was ready for one more round. I told her i was tired so she needed to do all the work. She crawled on top of me and guided my dick inside her. Even after getting fucked several times today, she still was enjoying feeling me inside her. She started slow and put my hands on her boobs. I have them a good rubdown while she was sliding around on my dick. This was actually like we used to fuck when we were together. So that quick moment made me realise she is my property for the day and wasn’t obliged to fucking her with any other feeling than lust. So i grabbed her boobs and pulled her body down, so my dick was completely inside her. She was passionately cumming again but did not squirt. “I think i’m dried up for the day” she said moaningly. I laughed and continued to fuck her harder and harder. I told her to get up and open the window. She was standing in front of the window, opened it and i pushed her head outside. She knew what was coming and she just went with it. Their apartment is on the 4th floor which comes out on a busy street. So even though it was a bit later, there were still a lot of people out on the street. She was looking down on the street as i slid inside her again. I wanted to make her scream so hard, so i’d have to put in my best in order to have her scream like a pig. “I want the whole block to know you’re getting fucked senseless”. “Well then, put in the work daddy”. With those words, i started to speed up. She moved her hips together with me so i was deeply insider with every thrust. Her back started to curl and she was moaning loudly. But moaning wasn’t enough. She was on the verge of cumming. When she hit the final stroke, i pulled out and jammed my dick in her ass again. Which led to a high pitched scream. “Yes, that’s it” i said. And started to fuck her in her ass, once again. She started screaming louder and louder, exactly what i wanted. I looked over her shoulder to see several people gathering under the apartment, checking out the scene. Her boobs hang over the window, so everyone could enjoy them. I came in her ass several times today, so it was time to fill her pussy up to round off the day. I switched hole again and kept fucking her. I tried to time my cumming with hers, in order to go out with a bang. As i was reaching my climax, she was too. So for the last time, i shot my load deep in her vagina and she screamed out the top of her lungs “yes fill me up daddyyyyyy” she collapsed onto the window as she was enjoying her orgasm. Down on the street people were clapping and cheering. I told her to at least bow down and thank your audience. She leaned outside one more time and thanked everyone for their praises. Then she closed the windows and asked if we can go to bed. All her holes were sore, she had cum left and right and center and came numerous times today. We fell asleep and i tried falling asleep inside her, but i was beat. We both fell asleep and were getting ready for the next day.

To be continued in body for sale part 3

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