Summer nights

It was somethin' to do but only
'cause I wanted to...It was in the
summer and I was awake one night
with my dick hard and I thought
about the woman next door. She was nice and friendly and she said
I could come over anytime. I left the house and walked next door and I thought she wasn't at home.
I waited for a few minutes and I thought she wasn't so I wanted to take care of something so I stepped around to the backyard and I saw her dog. It stood and walked over to me and wagged its tail and that's when I wanted to be a nasty pervert and I didn't want to get caught. I waited for a minute and thought I wouldn't get caught so I pulled my pants down a little and the dog licked my dick and I held the dog and turned it around. I thought it was a girl dog when I tried to poke my crown in, I didn't feel puss. I thought I heard somebody step out on the back porch and I thought 'this isn't a girl dog' and I thought 'I have to do it'. The dog turned around and it licked my dick again and it opened its mouth and I slid my dick in and the dog kept its mouth closed. I slowly started fuckin' and another dog walked up to me and I pulled my dick out of the dogs mouth and I tried the other dog to see if it was a girl. I turned the dog around and I went to push my crown in and I could feel the dogs puss but I had a little difficulty getting my hard dick in. I tried for a minute shoving my crown to get at least the crown in so I could fuck and after the minute I heard the sound of quiet footsteps in the backyard. I thought I wouldn't get caught so I kept trying for a few more minutes and I thought my dick was too big and I held the dog and I felt its puss expand a little enough for me to get my crown in after having to work it in for a few minutes I had it in and I thought I would try to work the rest of it in. I tried and worked in an inch every few minutes and after almost a half hour I had it all the way in. I started fuckin' and didn't waste a minute trying to hurry up. I started slowly and fucked quicker with every few minutes until I wad fuckin' it so quick I thought my balls were going to come off. I heard somebody come to my side and somebody grabbed my balls and said "if you don't quit fuckin' it you won't fuck it". It was the woman that lived there, she was holding my balls tight but I kept fuckin'. After a minute she squeezed my balls and said "stop" and I was fuckin' so quick I didn't want to quit until I orgasmed. My balls were hurt by her and I was coming as she squeezed my balls. I finally pushed in and even though she was squeezing my balls hard I orgasmed. My balls were full that night and after I came she said "nasty pervert screwin' my dog I bet your little dick didn't make the dog feel it pull out". I pulled out and she was still squeezing my balls for a minute and let go and said "that's the only pussy you'll be gettin'". She turned me around and said "go home". I walked away.

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