As a 45 year old lady missed out lot things well 1 evening hubby talked me into putting swimsuit on under clothes and we went local gym we had a young collage lad 18 staying with us at time so he come as well and he got 3 tickets for spa and sauna i never tryed so new to me and the lad but hubby used a lot well first we all went in sauna wow hot but liked and so there we was all sitting dripping hubby got out and jumped into what found out be cold pool saying hows cools down makes skin tighten so gave it go omg cold but not realize till got back in sauna lad went red and looking away from me looked noticed cold water made nipples poke out i giggled saying what never seen hard nipples he smiled said few times but never so close or in swimsuit well as hubby sitting bottom row in sauna his back to us i put finger to mouth the be quite move and pulled swimsuit top to side and flashed boobs smiling then put away he sat there big smile and we carry on chatting asking him about girlfriends etc found out never been with touched etc now being getting naughty and adventures since married new hubby 6 years ago i smiled and said one day be lucky well as we all relaxed sweating few trips cold pool ever aware how nipples poke out well agine op top bench looking at lad nipples poking out could see he getting bulge in shorts and i felt my hands now sliding down my body and before i know what was doing had slipped finger into swimsuit and now flashed my pussy the bulged jumped i coved up after bit more time hubby said ok lets try the spa so we all went over looked like big bubble bath so all got in and wow jets water coming from all over and found 1 i could sit on mmm smiled lot looking at hubby and lad they not know what was happing well we said was time go so all went back to changing rooms but was frustrated after spa sitting in changing room naked wanted have quick rub but what if someone come in o well said myself i have till get home at that moment aearly 20 25 year old girl walked in changing room smiled asked how sauna spa was saying good she then payed me compartment saying had good body for older lady saying hope she as good when my age i laughted saying how i got big big now size 14 wish was 10 still well she was getting undressed as we speaking and tured to me looking all sexy thin nice boobs shaved sweet pussy i smiled saying i better be going after that spa and jet water might get naughty she looked at me moved closer raised foot of floor putting on bench saying why dont like my body as she run her hands over it i could not stop my self open legs quick enjoying view and rubbed myself to orgasm there in front her put smile on both our faces said goodbye hope meet agine and left meet hubby and that night lying in bed told him about girl in changing room as i played with him had good sex soon after

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  • We go to gym wife and I. I tell wife which ladies to flirt with in the shower, paint mental picture of tits and pussy,. does the drapers match the rug? Then we have great sex while wife reports to me.
    Amber has tits like pears with nipples like silver dollars and dark brown, she has some red pussy hair but mostly brown and trimmed. She washed pussy for 5 minutes, --- all this while fucking wife.

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