Well what can I say sure lot would say I'm slut but I always been a bad girl loved teasing boys when was at school as had boobs early and got looked at lots loved the attention reckon what made me Exhibitionists love taking the risk no panties short dress or tight leggings camel toe when out shopping getting hubby taking me dogging sites or public places to be naughty but never gave the idea to the night I had so much fun was a Friday night and hubby was having few friends over poker night and a couple of their wives come alone to for drink for girls night while men played well while men were playing in backroom us girls were drinking chatting and subject come up about sexual fun games what enjoyed etc well I said how love standing in front hubby both naked about a meter apart watching each other masturbate and fantasized what be like with another girl or man couple etc well one my friends said she like teasing her man and enjoyed looking at females to maybe she could do with me as sounded interesting fun I laughed said sure any time any place she smiled said ok stood up saying here now as she removed her dress showing her braless boobs and g string I looked towards back room door was closed but what the hell I got up too removing my clothes now standing in front each other I started fondling my boobs and touching my self she smiled and started doing same other friend was now watching and was fondling her boob over her t shirt was not long till she to was naked standing with us all 3 looking at each other teasing our self taking our times much that did not hear hubby come in room he just striped and walked over joining in with us was not much longer time others joined in some in the circle 2 just watching wanking i looked around telling all men no coming over carpet only on my boobs or another lady as I love watching cum shooting out cock was not long till first cum then another and another till all 8 of us had cum I sat on floor in front couple of the men leg spread dripping pussy boobs coved in cum 1 of the lady now moved close started licking of my boobs and slide her hand down to my pussy started touching playing getting me going agine now that another story for another time as memory got me horny so need go play myself now xxx

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