First time

Had a friend from work come stay 1 weekend to get out london and spend bit time at coast well we went window shopping good time in early evening hubby took us to park we normally go as like going on swings and walk on beach well on way home got takeaway sat indoors eating watched bit tv well come bed time hubby said he sleep on settee so my friend have bed was bit strange getting in bed with another lady as sleep naked she see i was so she did to well had little chat then settled down to sleep well hubby had always said about me and another girl so i turned over and just put arm over her waist well to my suprise she held my hand thinking going move away but instead moved up to her boob well strange feeling another ladys shes bigger then me after feeling her nipples getting hard she rolled over smiling and started feel my boobs to but her other hand had gone to my pussy i open my legs as horny she started playing knowing i turned on so i moved my hand down she to open legs letting me tuch agine played with myself many times but this different there we was now rubbing each others pussy kissing gentle and fondling boobs she then rolled me on back and sat across me fondling both boobs and move up more putting her pussy just few inches over face i moved my hand to bum and pulled closer so could lick pussy for first time thinking what hubby did to me so tried do same must been ok as she cum then slid down my body and now sucking me was strange as only hubby had done this different felt good well made me cum too well we lie there cuddling for while relaxed and noticed she had open her legs aging and touching her self she said pity dont have sex toy well i said just so happens i do have strapless dildo so got that out showed her then put 1 leg on bed letting her see me slide 1 half in my self now looks like i have cock so got on top and gave as good as could she wanted try to so we swapped then i rolled on front lifted bum high and she gave me dogie was good we finely lied down cuddling well next day she went home on train and was chilling with hubby and said if let me watch him have wank in front me and i would to too i tell him something naughty he curious so striped sat opposite me we both tuching selfs and i told him how me and friend had fun

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  • My wife and her girlfriend are both way oversexed. Her GF got a divorce and for over year had no boyfriend. She's sleep over about once a week. I thought it a little funny they slept together. I know my wife always sleeps nude, the GF never had an overnight bag, so she must be nude too. Years later she told GF was becoming a serial masturbatory -- so she would give her oral sex for some relief. Did she return the favor? No -- but she would come help with housework. Where it paid off for me. On vacation we picked up this hot young lady at our hotel bar. And did most of the pickup. Then we spit roast her. Seeing my wife lick young pussy while YP blows me -- priceless.
    wife "maybe I'm a little bi."

  • How did your hubby react?

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