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Well I work as a security guard in London and due to this lockdown not got home see hubby in while we chat all time tex video call etc well we have been having some work done in the office I work at and have to keep eye on workmen and yes fit young good looking etc well had been texting hubby and he was playing as normal teasing me about them must say was getting horny but still than getting near the time they Finnish 3 left but 1 had to stay Finnish job he was doing so I was asked stay do bit overtime was ok so texed family I was staying with let know to be late and texed hubby telling him to so was sitting in my chair texting hubby and workman said going to the vending machine and asked if I like anything well as had to go with him so politely said yes to drink well we got back and having a drink and was chatting and he asked don't hubby mind me being late etc so told not been able to see in while due to lockdown he made a joke saying must be missing him then and smiled told we chat video call etc so only missing some personl stuff and giggled he looked me saying o no sex in while then must be getting fruustrated i sort blushed but said yes but we tease each other over phone he laughted saying not the same is it and asked what i miss most about not seeing i replyed bit personel but yes said miss beiing licked and having hubby cum over my boobs as well sex he smiled agine saying knows feeling as only go home weekends then smiled and said well if ever need something was willing help out and smiled agine then got up go back finn job was doing so as he worked was texting hubby and told was doing overtime keeping eye on the 1 worker but was feeling horney so said i go toilet and tease hubby over phone well got up told workman going toilet dont leave room and back soon getting there i was sitting on sink tops shelfs naked teasing hubby and become awear the workman was now standing there watching to with his cock in hand well had make excuse to hubby saying i was being called and i get back to him got up to get dressed asking what was he doing workman smiled saying enjoying view and pls carry on i was not sure at first but been while since hubby cum over my boobs and do enjoy so said ok but to cum over my boobs he moved closer and was watching me then reaching a hand out started fondle my boobs felt good and then he moved hand down to lady parts started rubb for me was diffrent from hubby after little while he moved me edge bench got on his knees and started licking me felt so good after so long i leaned back was playing with my boobs when he stood up and carried on rubbing me and himself shooting his load over me as i cum too now both smiling saying enjoyed etc so got cleaned up dressed and workman had finnished so we left locked up and i went to friends he retured hotel later that night teasing hubby told what happend he laughted not beliving but good story and that i have video call him next time so he can watch as bit of voyour well next day i spok the workman asked if he was in rush finnish that night and how like do agine but hubby wants watch he looked me bit strange but said ok well after everone had gone i got call hubby and sat on chair naked legs etc spread wide telling hubby that workman standing opposite watching me wanking to hubby laught saying dont belive so said want watch him lick me agine hubby laughted saying ok well with that workman picked my phone up moved closer passing me phone and got down to licking me i turded phone around so hubby could see him doing then workman got up lifting me onto desk and moved closer trusting himself in me i had put phone down standing it next pc so hubby could watch see my enjoyment and me cuming followed by hot cum deep in me workman picked phone up showing hubby my ladyparts now dripping from his cum hubby smild saying that hope i enjoyed and he looking forward doing same too soon

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  • Awwww, c'mon, did you Finnish with the Finn, or, did he even get it in ?

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