My first time

I have played with myself before and nothing happens but this time wow. I'm 13 and I have as long as I can remember gotten hard. I sometimes sleep with my mom just when we are alone. My dad is out of town on a trip for his work. My mom was asleep and I started to feel it growing. I pulled down my underwear and I was playing with it. It felt really great. I was really enjoying it and I pulled down the back. Feel of my bare bottom against the sheets makes me feel super. So I was trying not to wake my mom and the next thing I knew there was something shooting out of my dick. It was dark and I couldn't see it. So there are Kleenex on the night table next to me so I used some to try and dry it up. I got the sheets a bit wet and my underwear. In the morning when I got up for school I noticed it was dry. The tissues in the waste can were dry and hard like. I couldn't see what it was. Was that the stuff I learned about in school? Semen? I was scared when it shot out of me the way it did. I can't wait to try it again though but by myself. My mom would have killed me. She is pretty religious and anything sex she tells me it's bad and I should not do. I can't talk with my dad. Just seems weird. I am an only kid so I can't talk to a brother about. I don't want to seem dumb so I avoid my friends at school when they start talking about it.


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  • My Dad is away abroad and I help my Mom in kitchen and all other household chores. Since the age of 18 I am fucking my Mom without her knowledge. I give her Milk with sleeping pills diluted in it before going to bed. When she is in deep sleep I fuck her and enjoys.

  • Yep it's called cum and you will ejaculate lots of it. I masturbated a lot when I was a teen and now I'm enjoying many different women's vaginas. Wait till you have fun with girls. It's lots of fun. As you will find out.

  • I was sleeping with my mom and we ended up snuggling while sleeping. I woke up and my arm was over my mom with my hand on her tit. My mom wears a short nightgown and panties but no bra. Her nipples are almost always hard and they were. My dick was fairly soft between her butt cheeks. I felt her nipple while wearing only my briefs. My dick got so hard it was poking over the elastic by at least 3 inches. I began feeling her tit over her thin gown as I also began moving my hard up and down the crack between her cheeks. I stated moving faster and faster until I blew my biggest load ever all over my mother's back.

  • My daughter sleeps with me as mum left us three years ago, Lizzie is eighteen and very sexual.
    Our relationship started two years ago when I returned from work one night, I had been working lates. I found my supper warming in the oven and a beer in the cooler. I finished both, read the paper then went and showered.
    However when I went to my bedroom Lizzie was in my bed, she was awake and blew me a kiss. I was holding my towel around me but I could feel myself getting aroused and I dropped it, lizzie held the sheet back and I could see she was naked and I slid in beside her.
    The passion was incredible, the feeling so sexual as we kissed and she opened her legs and I felt my hard dick against her soft hairs, then it was to much I was in her, she was so ready for it and so was I.
    We have been sleeping together ever since.

  • Next time, accidentally let it slip into your mums hot cunt right before you cum and cum inside of her. I bet you'll love that feeling more.

  • Complete and utter BS. If you were as stupid as you pretend to be, you wouldn't know which way was up on your keyboard.

  • Give him a break. Try and help. I bet you don't know everything about sex. I know I don't and I'm 34 so cool it. Don't want to say anything nice move on to something else. Have a nice day. ASSHOLE'

  • That stuff that comes out of your cock is called semen and it's what makes babies. All you have to do is stick in a girls vagina/ pussy and pump until you shoot a load of semen into her pussy. It's lots of fun and you will want to do it again and again. Have fun.

  • Well, if you can find this site and type that post, l am sure you can navigate the net enough to learn a few things.

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