First aid fun

Well only last weel me and another lady had go on this first aid course for work thourght me and ann would been teamed up but instead was teamed with this 6 ft + black man very fit well well was on floor i trying get him into recovery position but as was moving his leg over body felt outline his man hood so put leg back thinking give it another go and beeing bit naughty go have another feel still he froze had put leg back try agine noticed he was smiling so try move leg agine noticed he was getting hard tryed get him into recovery position 6 times till got it there rolled him on side and moved hand under him had crafty fondle was big man still course went on come dinner time was chatting him saying sry being naughty and how hubby had been taking micky out me trying bbc he smiled said fancy trying have hour lunch could go toilet have better feel smiled thinking nothing wrong having look still was in booth and he lend me agenst wall pull bottoms down and felt him sliding bbc over pussy then to my suprise ann walked in toilet calling for me and to my suprise man open door saying she here ann moved over mouth dropped then also walked in locking door man was now sitting on toilet cock hard ann said i should lower myself on him and let her watch and was standing there talking her boobs out as i lower myself on to his cock ann said think i should tease my hubby and video call him and thats just what she did saying how shes getting horny and asking hubby if wanted watch her playing if he rub himself to after min or so saying want know whats making her horny hubby said yes so she turned cam showing me bouncing up down on bbc hubby smiled saying hope enjoyed been fantasy watching me have sex someone else still thought that was end it then sunday had go cover a night shift and who was there that black man i called ann telling he here she said she going to see hubby and watch us with him we got watch each other us at work and hubby and ann hopfully we all get together for fun soon

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