Chinese takeaway

Was getting late 1 evening last summer been on the beach with hubby so we decided to get takeaway well lucky shop still open no one in so placed order hubby went sat on a chair and i was reading notes on wall few min later lady come back from the kitchen and i see she was leaning on top counter talking to hubby im not jealous but looked hubby and noticed what Chinese lady was looking at hubby only had shorts on and his manhood was on show i went over to the counter smiled at the lady she went bit red i just smiled back saying don't worry enjoy or if want better look even fun gave her our address she smiled said 1 day still not happen but maybe something might

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  • You still wanky plankey cheeky boy

  • Nice Chinese girl not act like this, go play with yourself you igorant pwick

  • Lol well don't care what all think she come visited other night with our order and got extra had nice Indian Chinese white man 3 some

  • Bull shit

  • All I took from this story is, I'm now in the mood for some chicken chow mein.

  • You cum shot in face. Go wash face, cum drip from chin.

  • You too much wanky planky round eye

  • Fake as fuck. No Chinese people on dis site. Stop act like Chinese with no good English. Write BS on nother site, we no read you BS. OK.

  • You be wanky planky long time white boy

  • Oh sorry, I thought the title was Chinese Takeout.

  • I like that they don't shave their pussy's. I like seeing some bush so I don't feel like I'm fucking a little girl.

  • Asian girls don't have bushes

  • You no speak Engrish to goodly. I like Japanese women more than Chinese.

  • Load of shit

  • Was your husband deliberately exposing himself?

  • Sober up, cupcake, then come back to see us.

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