My life serving other mens wives

This started some 50 years ago I was newly divorced and I had a son to raise that was under 3 years old so I worked hard to pay my bills and support my son and we were very close. I was very bitter about all women even the ones that I paid to watch my son while I was working.
As a carpenter in the summers it was very good if you had a steady contractor and I saved money but in the winter it was pretty much shut down so I had to work at odd jobs and being a young guy full of sap I still liked the physical contact with women from time to time but it was difficult with a son at home and I swore to never marry again because the sparse contact with the lady's so far was pretty much the same as with my ex wife she could cheat with other guys and she would always find a way to make it look like it was my fault.
It started when I was driving for Boise Winnemucca Stage lines I would pick up the people that gambled at Boise and tale them into Nevada to Winnemucca to the casinos there then I dropped them off and they always gave me a tip of anywhere a couple bucks or a fiver then I waited for midnight to take them home .
as I wandered around the first time I discovered several whore House in a cul -D -sack behind one of the clubs and I had enough cash from tips to enjoy my time so throughout that winter I was laid a couple times every week.
I have always been kind of shy with the ladies so a friend of mine suggested that I run an add in an adult magazine I was gifted at birth with a larger cock than normal it is over 7 inches long and thick almost two inches across so back then you had to put a contact # with the add then then any interested person would contact the magazine and they would in turn notify you and that took awhile I first just wanted a woman and within a month I was having some luck and even a couple married gals contacted me for discrete sex behind their husbands backs and I had no problem with that My ex wife had several lovers in the short time we were together so …. Then one day a guy contacted me about screwing his wife in front of him and that was kind of new to me but after I talked to him on the phone and then his wife I decided to go for it and they liked it and told me that I should change my add to just Married couples and I was surprised at the responses.
Over the years I have gained confidence in my self and I have found out that men and women always ask me questions about my experiences so I have made up some wild story's to tell them and I have hinted at screwing some of the famous Movie stars that I had supposedly nailed without giving out names that I could be sued for just hints and they always responded eagerly wanting some guy that has screwed a Movistar with her husband watching or a congress man that had shared his wife with me .
Well 40 ears later I am still having luck but not so often but then again I get as much enjoyment reliving certain couples in my past and Masturbating


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  • I think the idea of an old guy nailing my wife is hot! Wear her out! Think the sperm cells use canes?

  • Where do you live?

  • Indiana. You?

  • Calif to bad I still like young pussy and I know that I could still please her for you..

  • Hmm. I’d like it if you pounded her young pussy. Would you wear a rubber or would you rather go bareback? We might vacation in Calif next summer. You’d have to pick her locks on your own. Think you could?

  • It depends on how open she is about sex and friendly I have seduced younger many times you just need to know which buttons to push.
    and she is open and friendly to start with.

  • Could be cool. So many things are hot to her. Usually things that are kinda “bad boy” stuff. Booze loosens her inhibitions. Weed does even more. She’ll take crazy risks.

  • I think we could manage it I am 5 ft 11 inches tall I weigh 186 pounds and since I am single I visit the GYM every day for a couple hours and I can still bench press twice my weight.
    I was a crew chief in the Army in 1968 in Viet Nam and hat I was one of the door gunners on the Huey we called a slick that delivered ammo to out posts and picked up wounded we were shot down twice and on the second landing I received a back problem that still bothers me and I smoke weed for the pain but only when it gets really bad.
    Over the years I have been asked to do many things and several times guys asked me to knock up their wives for them and I did two of them just because the husband couldn't manage to do it and one gals Dorus I knocked up over a term of almost 9 years three times.
    because they wanted a gig family .
    I was asked twice to screw a gals daughter so she could watch but one was only 10 and she was way to tight nd the other one was 12 with a ice set of beginner tits but she was also to tight hell the little gal was willing but her mother couldn't even get two fingers into her even get two fingers into her so
    I didn't even try.
    I was never a guy to want sexwith under age girls anyway but I thint the law is to rigid about minor sex many girls want to get laid at an early age from 12 up and some even younger Christ I always hear of girls as young as 8 and 10 with thir cell phones sending nude pictures to boys,
    Well enough about that .
    If you do come out and want to hook up you will be welcome to stay with me for a week and I can show you around and get friendly with your wife you can tell her I am a uncle that is a recluse or something let me know and if we set something up I will send you a pick of myself working out and I think you might be surprised at it.

  • Not so much working out as it's bad boy attitude that attracts her. although she does seem to like muscle heads. She had a thing with the owner of a rival company to the one she works for. He was around 50, so she's liked at least one older guy before. I'll keep you in mind if we go out ther next year

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