Pay back

I hate to say been having problems with hubby as i work in city he lives on the coast and due to this bug we have not seen much of each other but i loged onto home cam system and see him getting bj from some working girl well i work nights as a security guard and there been some night work going on and got chatting to nice workman told him about and was not sure what to do he laughed said well could get own back and send him a video with another man i looked at him smiled saying yer but where find someone willing let them video them going down on me he said don't look anywhere im here i enjoy doing so we found quite office and we started kissing he fondled me and found was enjoying and soon he had my trousers of and go on than video him going down on me and i did and enjoyed so much even let fuck me and carried on filming and sent that to hubby saying its payback for what he had done and then started divorce

11 months ago

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    • My wife and I brag about our conquests. At 22, first job after college, a married guy (40's) took a liking to her. Her co did biz with his co. It was good to get along. He bought her lunch couple times a week. He told her dirty jokes, She would open a button to show him plenty of cleavage. This in the early 80's. He said sex with his wife was lacking, and never had a BJ. "OMG, did I tell you too much." -- "just enough for something I can fix. to be honest I fantasize sucking on guys I like, yours included. I'd love to be your first." So he drops by her place. "Let's do this right, naked on my knees in front of a mirror. " OMG, he's huge, my moth hurts -- a good hurt." -- For 2 years she's his mistress. Then I come along. Trough gossip I know she's some rich guy's mistress.

    • I don't blame him.

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