Wanna exprement with a guy and suck each other off

Whats it like being with a guy fore sex and sucking each other off really wannatry it

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  • I wouldn't mind stroking a true hermaphrodite. I would fuck her pussy while stroking her girl dick. Of course I think it would be fun to fuck any of those kinds of people. Someone with 3 tits. Or someone with 2 vaginas.

  • I was lucky to meet a young guy who worked at my hotel who had no real experience. It was so hot to hold and play with his young hard cock and tasty cum.

  • I'm married. Wife's sex drive is too sporadic. Sometimes she wants sex 3 times a week. Most times I'll go a week or 2 without. I've gotten 6 blowjobs in 15 years from her
    My neighbor is gay. He knows I'm married. I go over to his place when the wife won't have sex. At first it was one sided. I'd get a blowjob and leave. Then I started sucking him off. First time he didn't warn me before he came. Glad he didn't warn me because I would have chickened out. Now, it's my favorite part of a blowjob. Funny that ive sucked more dick this week than my wife has all year.

  • It is bliss and delish. I always swallow.

  • It's like the most disgusting thing ever. Don't go gay, man. Find your self some sweet young pussy and be normal.

  • "Normal"? I think you meant average.

  • No, I meant normal. When less than 5% of the world's population is homosexual, then being straight is normal. If you choose to convince yourself that being gay is normal, tht's your prerogative, but don't expect the rest of the world to play in your make-believe world.

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