It was late 60's early 70's .. everyone was into sex . So being married i didn't have an issue with sex ... there were very few days i didn't have a cock during work sometimes 3 .. it was happening in stairwells offices and garages my pussy was being fucked several times a day.. then i'd go home to my husband and if he felt like having sex i would suck him off or let him fuck me where i was ... that meant kitchen living room when i was doing laundry he was a quick fuck like all the other men i had.. i didn't mind my pussy had several sized cocks and was mostly a cum hole for the men i allowed to use it.. the only time i had orgasms is when i used to take care of it myself.. but when i met jimmy something became different ... he was a neighborhood kid who cut lawns all American looking kid ..when he was cutting our lawn i went to the garage to get something that rolled under the car he had added fuel and was on the driveway when i tried to reached under the car i unknowingly had flashed him ... so he walked up and asked if he could help sure i said he bent down in front of me reached under the car and said that's a nice looking pussy you have there i blushed there was this gorgeous young man looking at my pussy and enjoying the view.. i said thank you and went about my business .. i couldn't stop thinking on what he had said no one had said i had a good looking pussy they just fucked it.. he kept cutting the lawn and i looked at him and thought to myself he's to young i can't do this.. but the devil on my head took over i motioned him come to the garage i spread my legs and gave him a good show i fingered my pussy in front of him he took his cock out and before long i became surprised of his size i continued to rub my pussy he walked over and fucked my mouth i got off with a nice orgasm as he fucked my mouth and loaded my cheeks like a chipmunk i fucked him regularly and the excitement made it more erotic of having a young cock spewing his load deep in my pussy... i was simply a married whore i fucked and sucked more cock then any other married woman the difference was that i choose who i fucked and sucked

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  • Got me hard ..momspantysniffer

  • I've just entered the workforce after two years of college and I'm the receptionist at a company. It's like I have no control, every Friday after hours get together I go home with my panties full of cum. I've just started having sex with my boyfriend if four years and can't figure it out why I'm this way?

  • Ur hot

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